Chapter 9 Hits come!

The moment she saw Jack, Queenie knew that the situation was not good. She shouted coldly, “Jack, you are no longer an employee of the group. Please go out!”

“Well, Miss Yeats, are you afraid that I will expose your dirty tricks by driving me away in such a hurry?”

Jack sneered.

Queenie raised her eyebrows in anger. She said, “I’m honest and upright. I’m not afraid of you pouring mud on. me. But what you said has nothing to do with today’s press conference, so please leave!”

“Ha-ha, you will know when I finish my words.”

Jack continued to sneer.

“Mr. Lewis, can you tell me the details?” A reporter asked.

All of a sudden, all the cameras were aimed at Jack, and no one paid attention to the new products of

Queenie Group.

“Of course. I come here today to tear up Queenie Yeats’s hypocritical face. You’ll see how ugly she is in her


Jack cleared his throat and continued.

“My name is Jack Lewis. I used to be the HR manager of Queenie Group. I have worked hard in the company for more than ten years…”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that I, Jack, definitely makes a contribution to the success of Queenie Group


“Now the company is going to be listed soon. I’m also very happy. I feel that my efforts over the years have finally paid off, but…”

“But this woman, Queenie Yeats, burn the bridge after crossing it. In order to help her toy boy get more power, she even kicked me out of the company, a senior who has made great contributions.”

“Do you think it’s fair?”

Jack complained loudly.

The media were talking about it, and the way they looked at Queenie changed completely.

“How ungrateful she is! This woman is so beautiful, but I didn’t expect her to be such a vicious woman!”

“How can such a company be listed? It will be better to go to the tomb!”

Queenie’s face darkened.

“Jack, stop talking nonsense. You colluded with Beauty Group first. You should appreciate me for not putting you in jail. How dare you charge me? Shame on you!”

“I colluded with Beauty Group? Queenie, you have to prove it.”

“That day in my office, did you admit that you colluded with Beauty Group? Now you ask me for evidence?”

“What a joke!”


If you betray the company, will you stand out to admit it?

I’m stupid?”

Everyone shook their heads.

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