Chapter 19 Exaggerate the fact

Mr. Johnson said with a big smile.

He was not a vain man, but when he saw the envious expression on everyone’s face, he was a little proud.

It took him a lot of effort to get the genuine painting of Master of Clouds.

Now it seemed that it was worth it.

“This painting is called Eagle Rests on the Tree. What do you think after looking at it?” Mr. Johnson asked with a smile.

Someone immediately replied, “This painting follows the usual simplified style of Master of


It has distinct features. The painting is not complicated, but it can be seen at a glance that this is an eagle, and this is a tree.”

Mr. Johnson nodded, “Most of the paintings only focus on the shape, but they don’t have souls.

As for the works of Master of Clouds, they have both body and soul, which is the reason why it is difficult for ordinary people to copy.”

Everyone agreed.

Then several other people expressed their opinions.

After thinking for a moment, Roe said, “I think this painting represents a state of mind of Master of


“Oh? Why do you say that?”

Everyone was intrigued.

Roe cleared his throat and said

“Look at this tree. Although it is not carefully painted, it is like a shadow, representing the current


“Look at this eagle. It seems to be resting on a tree, but in fact, it should be expressing its


sky? But it has no choice but to land on the top of the

that there is a red mark on the eagle’s head, which is in sharp contrast

of the whole

What does it mean?”

means that this eagle is not reconciled. It is eager to fly

that this painting shows the current situation of Master

should be the work of Master of Clouds

Roe finished, there was a moment of

explanation was

a mind reader of Master of

also praised, “If Master of Clouds heard


to look at Wade and said with a smile, “Wade, your son

proudly, “Ha ha, I’ve told you that he has a promising

thank me since I’ve taught him a lot of knowledge about calligraphy

was a child.”

was not

applauding, and even John couldn’t help applauding for

when I drew this painting by myself, but

of the elders around, Roe couldn’t

suddenly glanced at Alice and said, “Miss Moon, what do you think of

since she entered the room, because he

appear here.

prostitute knew nothing about calligraphy and

to make

looked at

Miss Moon. There are a thousand Hamlets in a

you tell us your feelings. Let’s exchange our

also a loyal admirer of Master of Clouds, so I’m very happy to see this painting

indeed the style of Master

crap and

mentioned about style and

need to repeat it.”

her finish first!”

now and Mr. Johnson had a good impression

it was impolite for Roe to interrupt, Mr.

“This painting is excellent on the

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