Chapter 20 Fake painting

“Mr. Johnson, after appreciating so many collections of you, why don’t you come and see mine?”

Wade suddenly said when he found that Mr. Johnson’s collections were almost finished.

Everyone looked at him.

Mr. Johnson was surprised. “Wade, did you bring some treasures with you?”

Wade smiled and turned to Roe, “Go get it!”

Roe nodded and left for a while. Soon, he returned to the exhibition hall with a scroll.

“This is a painting of Gu Kaizhi, a famous painter in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Although his painting is not as good as that of Master of Clouds, it has a long history and is highly


Wade introduced. At the same time, he spread out the scroll, and a majestic landscape painting

came into view.

It was really Gu Kaizhi’s work.

Everyone was amazed.

However, when Wade was enjoying the envious look around him, he suddenly heard a voice,

“Don’t make a fool of yourself with a fake painting.

Wade’s smile froze.

He looked around.

When he found that it was John who was speaking, his face instantly darkened.

“You brat, what did you say?”

“I said it was a fake painting.”

“A fake painting? Are you kidding?”

Roe was angrier than his father: “If this is a fake painting, do you think we can’t tell?

think your appreciation skill is better than all

successfully turned everyone’s hatred to

didn’t know it was a fake one, but you did. Doesn’t it mean that you are better than


from and why he

here to make trouble, please get out immediately. You are


real work of Master of Clouds. Now, John said the

fake painting.

obviously looking for

temper, he couldn’t tolerate the two of them anymore and asked them to

can never be genuine. No matter how angry you are, it is a fake

can’t see it, it

you say we are incompetent? Who do you

you? Your tone is

nowadays really need


shouted and pointed at them, “You two, get out of here

want to stay here any

held Alice’s hand and was about to leave, but at this time, he heard Wade’s voice behind


“What’s up, son?”

turned around and

his teeth and said, “How dare you slander me that my collection is a



towards the painting. He picked up a cup of hot tea and poured it on

“What are you doing?”

about to fight against John, but the


rubbed the edge of the rice paper and the rice

It had two layers.

scene, everyone was surprised. They probably knew what

rice paper. The lower layer is a fake one, and the upper layer is used to make it looks

see such an obvious means. How can you not

Everyone’s face froze.

very angry, but they could not refute.

also showed

that John said it was a fake just to disgust these people, but

so happy to see these people

suddenly rushed to grab the painting and said sadly,

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