Married a Secret Billionaire by Breaking Wave

Married a Secret Billionaire by Breaking Wave

Authors:Breaking Wave
Num Chapters:2020
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Chapter 2033

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Cordelia Jenner, an illegitimate daughter from a wealthy family, finds herself in an unfamiliar situation. She has been forced to marry a broke man as a substitute for her elder sister, in order to fulfill a marriage pact and secure a substantial amount of money for her family's survival. As she enters the room where they will spend their first night together, Cordelia is filled with anxiety and uncertainty about how to interact with her new husband.

The man takes a shower, and Cordelia realizes the reality of her situation. Overwhelmed, she decides to take a shower as well but discovers that the bathroom door has no lock. Feeling trapped and vulnerable, Cordelia becomes hesitant and doesn't undress. Sensing her discomfort, the man offers to step outside and smoke, giving her some privacy.

Left alone in the bathroom, Cordelia contemplates her impoverished state and the recent disastrous circumstances surrounding her wedding. Despite the hardships, she remains resigned to her lack of happiness. When the man finally returns, Cordelia is relieved that he took his time.

Cordelia begins tidying up the rundown cottage, which has leaks and a worn-out appearance. She finds some hope in the possibility of transforming it into a cozy home. As she removes the sheets from the bed, the man walks in unexpectedly, and Cordelia, startled, turns around. In her surprise, her towel slips off, revealing her nakedness to him.

Embarrassed and blushing, Cordelia desperately tries to cover herself with the sheets, but it's too late—the man has already seen everything. His gaze becomes more intense and inscrutable as he approaches her. He speaks in a deep, husky voice, suggesting they go to bed together. Cordelia's heart races, and before she knows it, she is pinned against the bed in the man's arms.

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Married a Secret Billionaire by Breaking Wave

Married a Secret Billionaire by Breaking Wave

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