Zuko glanced at Lina, who was immersed in the joy of being with her family, her genuine smile touching his heart. If he were to disrupt this peace rashly, would he still witness such pure beauty in her smile?

Besides, everything had yet to reach a final conclusion. What if it was all just a misunderstanding?

A long sigh escaped Zuko’s lips as he felt a heavy weight in his heart.

In the stillness of the night, Jesse and Melissa’s bedroom door was tightly shut, allowing a faint light to seep through the window.

Jesse looked at his wife with a heavy heart. After much hesitation, he finally spoke with a stiff tone. “Next time… don’t show Lina’s birth certificate again.”

Melissa, who was flipping through old photos of Lina as a child, froze suddenly, her finger hovering over a particular picture of them holding Lina at the pier.

“That birth certificate is fake.” Jesse glanced around and whispered, “You shouldn’t have shown it to Zeke. He’s been jailed for forging documents before. He’s a professional! I’m sure he spotted it instantly.”

Realization of the danger of her actions struck Melissa, and she turned pale. How could she have forgotten?

remained silent for a while, trying to appear calm. “I only showed it to him briefly. He couldn’t

at her, impatiently smacking his lips together. “Just don’t argue with Mary anymore.

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In the dream…

the cries of a little girl and turned around

before her eyes. Her gaze turned icy and resentful as if she was staring at an enemy.

burst into tears, unable

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dream made her shudder, sending chills down her

timing to speak was uncanny. “Honey, after the shipwreck, we should’ve handed Lina over to

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in, embracing her shoulder and gently patting

child they had found, his wife pampered and cherished her for these 20 years, fearing

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