Chapter 2005

Stella cleared her throat and said, "Trevor, you might have to prepare two Christmas presents for my babies next year."

The other end of the phone immediately fell silent. After a few seconds, Trevor said through gritted teeth, "What a scum! No wonder he was so patient with me! How could he make you go through the pain twice? He's the worst!”

Keegan replied sincerely, "If it's possible, I'd rather be the one going through the pain." "Anyone can run their mouth. Go get it done if you're so honorable!"

Keegan was speechless.

'Well, it seems like this conversation isn't going anywhere,' Keegan thought to himself.

Stella burst out laughing and teased, "When the technology advances, I'll let him bear our third child if he's not too old yet."

only person who could make

his breath

do it?" "Let's wait until we can reveal that Keegan has recovered his memory. It won't take too

now. Oh, and before I forget, have you learned anything about Paul Morant, the person

perked up his ears. That was a name he had never

it seems he has very few connections with

"Paul Morant is not from Hustuabourg; he was born and raised in Mystonia. His grandparents moved abroad

ago, his father came to Rivera for academic exchange and stayed here for more than three years. That was the time he changed his name to

he has done during his stay here. However, it has been so many years, and I can barely verify anything. Furthermore, his registered address was not in the same district as

caused an explosion. His pregnant wife died in that fire, and he was so severely

after recovering for some time, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Perhaps he knows his life is ending and

that's why he thought of the place he lived in during his younger days and decided to come back

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