Chapter 2006

Stella's question left Trevor tongued-tied.

"Is it possible that he knew Ms. Spade long ago and had been in contact through text messages?"

Stella shook her head, "After my mom got into the accident, her phone had always been with me. If they were in contact regularly, there's no way I wouldn't know."

She then scratched her head in frustration, "I initially thought that he might be one of the people involved in switching me back then, but the information you found completely contradicts my speculation. He was already out of the country when that incident happened, so there's no way he would know about it."

Trevor had been investigating the truth behind Stella getting switched and even traveled to Mystonia just for it. After the "accident" happened to the plane, Stella got even more desperate to uncover the truth.

'Is Stella being too eager to find out the truth and have become overly sensitive?' Trevor wondered to himself.

In fact, he had not expected Stella to connect Paul with her being switched. The people who knew about that incident either died or disappeared. Besides the man that he found out about from Venice during his trip to Mystonia, he had information about all the other people involved.

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was not adding up. Besides, Paul was a foreigner who had absolutely no connection with any of them. He had no reason or motivation to be involved

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rush to conclusions so soon. He's in Rivera now; we can just get someone to keep an eye on him. If he's really involved

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way that he would not suspect them of secretly getting the marriage certificate, considering that she called him to ask

Keegan did not inform the Saun family and putting all the blame on him. After all, Trevor could never have the heart to be mad at his precious

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