My Ex-wife's Hidden Personalities

My Ex-wife's Hidden Personalities

Authors:Nydia Ortega
Num Chapters:462
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The story revolves around Freya Kaufmann and her troubled marriage with Radley Monaghan. Freya and Radley have been married for two years, but Radley is rarely home, and their relationship lacks warmth and intimacy. One morning, Radley unexpectedly returns home and gives Freya contraceptive pills, despite her reluctance. He then drops the bombshell that he wants a divorce, citing his lack of love for her and the return of someone from his past.

Freya is shocked and hurt by Radley's callousness. She attempts to grasp his sleeve, but he avoids her touch and offers her financial compensation instead. This leads Freya to question whether Radley thinks she married him for his money. Radley then makes arrangements for her to take ownership of various properties and assets.

Feeling suffocated, Freya leaves the house, and as she wanders aimlessly on the street, she receives a picture of Radley with another woman, clearly in a romantic embrace. Overwhelmed by heartache and despair, Freya is struck by a truck while crossing the street, ending the story on a dramatic and tragic note...

Read My Ex-wife's Hidden Personalities by Nydia Ortega novel.

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My Ex-wife's Hidden Personalities

My Ex-wife's Hidden Personalities

462 Chapters

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