Chapter 15 Leisure and Carefree
Linda frowned and looked at Elisa with concern. “Elisa, you should explain things. You mustn’t always behave in such a secretive manner!”
Did she say I always behave in a secretive manner?
She is playing another game with words. Isn’t she implying to Gareth that I always meet with other men in secret and am a disloyal wife to Gareth?
Sensing Gareth’s cold gaze, Elisa pressed the relevant floor button in the elevator and smiled. “Since you’re not getting in, Will and I shall go up first.”
Then, she pressed a button to shut the elevator door.
Will’s smile did not reach his eyes. He kept looking at Elisa until the elevator door closed and noticed she remained unaffected. He could not hide the astonishment in his eyes as he said, “Does this mean you and Gareth were only acting as a loving couple all these years?”
Elisa slanted her head slightly. “Mr. Darcey, you are an astute man. Is there a need to ask?”
Will smiled and noticed there was nothing on her fair and slender fingers. He made a ‘tsk’ noise and said, “Your fingers are flawless, but they lack something. Why don’t I send something to you?”
Elisa looked at him puzzledly. “What is it?”

Will smiled and said, “It won’t be a surprise if I tell you.”
Elisa glanced at him. The elevator soon stopped at their floor. Thus, they got out and went to their private lounge.
They chatted a little as the waiter served the food.
Will spoke in a gentlemanly manner. Although Elisa had heard many rumors about him being a womanizer, she found it hard to believe that it was true.
After serving the food, the waiter closed the door, turning the private lounge into their personal space.
Elisa grabbed the cutleries. Although they were here to discuss business, she was eager to eat.
“Mr. Darcey, thank you for your hospitality once again.”
Will smiled and remembered how none of his other business partners would dare to eat before he did. In fact, they were too nervous to have an appetite before him. However, Elisa was different. She was eager to eat first, so their business discussion would have to wait until after dinner.
Will took up his cutleries. “Are you really not going to drink tonight?”
“Drinking will affect work.”
On her first night with Gareth, someone had drugged the wine Elisa accepted.
If I had not made that mistake, my life might be complete instead of being in shambles like now.
As Elisa was beginning to feel full, she looked at Will eating slowly and asked, “Mr. Darcey, since you ask me out tonight, what is it that you wish to remind me?”
More accurately, she wished to know whether his goal would help her achieve hers.
Will smiled. “Would you believe me if I said I only wished to have dinner with you?”
Elisa frowned. “Are you that free and happy-go-lucky?”

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