Gareth’s expression turned stern. I knew it. She is up to something! It seems I cant delay the divorce anymore. Otherwise, Grandma might throw an even worse tantrum. My phone almost exploded from all her calls this afternoon. Meanwhile, Linda’s eyes flashed with a cold gleam. Why do I keep bumping into Elisa? Since she and Gareth had both turned around, she could not pretend not to see Elisa. Thus, Linda breathed in quietly before smiling and saying affectionately, “Elisa.” Elisa glanced toward the voice in surprise and pursed her lips when she saw Gareth and Linda standing closely like a loving couple. “What a coincidence.” Linda noticed Gareth staring at Elisa from the corner of her eyes. She tensed slightly but quickly maintained her smile and said, “Elisa, you must be here to see Gareth! We are about to have dinner, so why don’t you join us? You cause Gareth to misunderstand when you met your senior for coffee a couple of days ago. I think it would be good for you to talk to Gareth about that.” Elisa smirked. How nicely does she phrased everything. She even placed emphasis on the word we and proceeded to treat me as an outsider. Then, she accused me of being disloyal and made it seem like I was seducing another man because I couldnt get Gareth. What a cunning b*tch! However, Elisa did not care that Gareth’s expression turned even grimmer. “There is nothing to say, so I won’t bother your candlelit dinner.” “Won’t bother?” Gareth repeated coldly. However, before he could tell Elisa to head to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow to finalize their divorce, the door suddenly opened. The two of them could see Will’s profile in the distance. Linda’s eyes flashed with surprise. She mentally compared Will with Gareth, but still felt Gareth was more handsome. Elisa turned around to see Will walking in. He was a little confused to see Elisa still standing there. “Why didn’t you go in to wait for me?”. Linda widened her eyes in astonishment. She didnt come here for Gareth? Meanwhile, Gareth’s expression turned threatening. When did she start seeing Will? Elisa smiled and replied, “I was waiting for them to go up first.” Will glanced in the direction she pointed and saw two people standing near the elevator. Then, Will widened his smile and said, “Mr. Wickam, you’re here too.” After saying that, he looked at Elisa, “Since we are probably going to the same floor, why don’t we all go together?” Will was curious to see what Gareth and Linda were up to. Elisa pursed her lips and nodded uncaringly, “Sure.” After saying that, she walked ahead. Will followed her with anticipation. He had never seen Gareth so furious, prompting his smile to gradually deepen. “Mr. Wickam, you seem to be in a bad mood.” “Mr. Darcey, what is your purpose for inviting my wife to dinner?” Although these words were meant for Will, Gareth stared at Elisa as he said that. Lindas heart went still. Why does Garry seem mad at Elisa? They will be divorcing soon. Why does he still care? She considered that Gareth was likely feeling possessive. Thus, it was likely not due to any feelings for Elisa. Will was a little surprised. “Your wife?” Elisa noticed Linda deliberately grabbing Gareth’s arm tightly. A smirk formed on her lips, and her eyes flashed with a sense of irony. “I am your wife?” They were talking and missed out on getting into the elevator. When the elevator door opened again, Elisa noticed no one moved. Thus, she headed in straight away. Meanwhile, Will noticed Gareth and Linda remained still and asked, “Are you going to wait for the next round?”

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