Julia stood up and went to Gareth. She grabbed his shoulder and said furiously, “That’s because you hurt her too deeply! Damn it! Go and coax Elisa to come back now!” “Grandma, I have already decided on this matter.” Gareth’s expression darkened. “You! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Julia was about to feign dizziness when Darren said, “That’s enough. Your grandmother is unwell; I’m bringing her home. Since you are an adult, you should settle your own matters.” “Sure.” Julia’s expression darkened completely. She had no chance of pretending to faint or say anything before Darren dragged her out of the office. “Let me go! I’m not done talking!” However, she was not as strong as Darren. Thus, she could only glance behind and shouted, “I’m warning you! You must not divorce!” Soon, Gareth was alone in his office. He looked down and saw the ring on his finger. In order to create the impression that he and Elisa were a loving couple, he had never taken off that ring. It annoyed him whenever he looked at it. Thus, he frowned and pulled off the ring on an impulse before throwing it in the trash can. However, his finger suddenly felt empty. Gareth wriggled his fingers and believed it was because he had just taken off the ring. Soon, he focused on his work again. Five days passed in the blink of an eye. Elisa stayed at home for the past few days. She would sometimes chat with Rachel Markee and discuss work with Charli. Will and Elisa had not contacted each other ever since lunch that day. However, she suddenly received a message from Will. Will: Ms. Iris, are you free for dinner? Elisa: You are free today? Will: I always have time for a beautiful lady. Elisa frowned and knew he must have something to discuss with her. Elisa: You can tell me now, Mr. Darcey. What would you like to discuss? Will: Can you give me your address? Should I pick you up? I would like to discuss with you the banquet and court matters. Elisa: Send me the address. I will go there myself. She did not wish to reveal her address yet. However, she was aware that if Will decided to investigate, he would find it eventually. Soon, Will sent her the address and the time of the meeting. Elisa read it and messaged to acknowledge receipt before putting down her phone. Everyone attending Mr. Morris’ birthday banquet would have their own agenda. Thus, Elisa wondered what was Will’s and what he wanted her to cooperate with. She had a feeling that she could fulfill one of her wishes through this meeting. Thus, Elisa hailed a taxi and headed to the meeting place. She arrived just in time to see Will arriving in his car. Will lowered his window partially and saw Elisa dressed in a purple and white floral dress. Surprise flashed across his eyes. He pushed up his sunglasses and said, “It seems inconvenient to call a cab. Why don’t I go with you to buy a car tomorrow?” Elisa arched an eyebrow. She was still lacking a car. “There’s no need. My driving is quite terrible.” Will smiled and said, “You head in first. I’ll go park my car.” Elisa nodded and went into the building. A waiter approached her and said, “Good evening, may I know how many people will be dining here?” Elisa opened her phone and showed her a photo. “Two and this is the private lounge we’ve reserved.” Nearby, two people waiting for the elevator suddenly heard a familiar voice and turned around at the same time.

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