Linda seemed troubled. “But… He would only bring Elisa to such events. It is to create the impression that they are a loving couple and gain benefits for his company. So, why would he want to bring me?” Rose smirked. “It is different now.” “Huh?” Rose pulled Linda to sit down. “Do you remember Elisa’s status in the past? Your father has snatched her family’s fortune, so she is nothing now. You are the real heiress to the Benett family’s fortune!” “Doesn’t that mean Gareth can’t bring me to the birthday banquet? Wouldn’t it seem heartless for him to abandon Elisa the moment her father loses his fortune?” “Hah, society sees money as king. Although your father might not be as powerful as the Wickam family in Bayswe, he is still quite influential. Didn’t old Mr. Wickam agree to let Elisa marry Gareth due to the Benett family’s influence? Only by collaborating with the powerful can one bring in more profit. Now that her family has fallen, what do you think will happen?” Seeing Linda in deep thoughts, Rose continued, “Previously, Gareth had always come to see you in secret. Now, he is meeting you openly, but I never heard any complaints from old Mr. Wickam. Doesn’t that mean he approves of your relationship with Gareth?” Previously, old Mr. Wickam had indicated that they should watch their reputation. Linda considered for a moment and said, “Mom, you’re right. I will talk to Garry.” While things seemed peaceful in the Benett Residence, it was the opposite elsewhere. At this moment, the president’s office in Wickam Group seemed like a battlefield. Bam! Julia slammed her hands on the table and shouted, “What! You wish to divorce?!” Old Mr. Wickam frowned and looked at her sternly, “Behave yourself! You look like an old hag!” Julia sneered when she heard her husband scolding her. She pointed at her nose and said, “Do I look like an old hag? Well, you must have been blind to marry me all those years ago!” Darren Wickam’s face darkened. “I don’t have time to quarrel with you! Lower your voice. We are in the company, and you should watch your behavior. I should never have brought you here!” Gareth looked stern as he sat at his desk. He felt a wave of headache as he looked at the old couple sitting on the couch. Then, Darren turned to Gareth and said calmly, “You are right to divorce. Elisa is no longer the heiress of the Benett family. Instead, Linda is the real heiress.” Julia gritted her teeth in fury. “Nonsense! Linda is cunning as a fox. How can you both blindly fall for her tricks?” “I don’t care who she is. All I know is she saved Gareth’s life, so Gareth has the duty to marry her! Moreover, even though the Benett family is not the most prominent in Bayswe, they are one of the biggest timber and building material traders in the country. It would be profitable to collaborate with them.” Julia felt heartbroken for Elisa, knowing that her grandson and husband had decided to throw her out. She slammed her hands on the table again. “Who cares about your profit? Can you live long enough to spend all the money you earn? As someone who has immense wealth, why are you still considering profit? I refuse to agree to this!” Gareth frowned and glanced at Darren. Why did he have to bring Grandma here? Darren also seemed annoyed. I must have been out of my mind to bring this lunatic here. Still, despite their bickering, Julia and Darren usually got along quite well. Then, Gareth glanced at Julia. “Granny, it’s not that I wish to abandon her, but it is Elisa who insists on divorcing.”

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