Elisa nodded but did not seem to care. “Don’t bother about him. He is only following and doesn’t seem to have ill intentions.” After a busy day, Elisa slept well that night. Previously, she would always worry about losing Gareth. But now that she had lost him, she somehow accepted the reality and turned calm. Initially, she thought she would have a hard time sleeping alone, but she ended up having a dreamless sleep. It seemed she could really let go of him. When she opened her eyes again, it was due to her alarm clock ringing in the early morning. Elisa got up in a good mood and washed up. She smiled delightedly at the breakfast that was laid on the table. She loved French-style breakfasts of croissants and hot chocolate. However, Gareth disliked them and was used to having meat for breakfast. Therefore, she had to accommodate him all these years. Now, she could finally take care of herself and eat the food she liked, which put her in a relaxed mood. That morning, she received a call from Charli saying the person in charge of Darcey Group’s legal department was eager to meet her. Thus, Charli helped Elisa arrange a place to meet. Elisa finished breakfast and went out. At the same time, in a car outside the villa, a man dressed in black secretly called someone on the phone. “Boss, she has left the house.” “Follow her.” Gareth’s expression darkened. He never knew Elisa had her own villa. She even urged him to divorce her. This woman… She suddenly behaves like a different person. … Elisa reached the meeting place and found Corey Wilson seated by the window. She went to him and greeted him with a smile, “Corey, you’re here early.” Corey looked up in surprise and was shocked to see Elisa. “Elisa?” Elisa smiled as she replied, “You should call me Iris.” Her answer made him even more astounded. “Elisa, you…” Corey had always admired how academically gifted she was at school. He didn’t expect to find out that she was Iris. Thus, he was unable to hide the excitement in his heart. Soon, both of them got into the main purpose of this meeting and talked about the case. However, Elisa remained unaware of Gareth watching from a car. His expression had turned gloomy like a stormy sky. He could not see the face of the man sitting opposite her and did not know who he was. All he could see was Elisa smiling brightly at the man. Gareth’s gaze turned vicious as if he wanted to devour Elisa whole. He had never felt this frustrated before. Previously, Elisa only had eyes for me. How can she now smile so brightly at another man? Does she think I am dead? Elisa did not suspect anything amiss. After finishing the discussion, she had lunch with Corey before leaving. Then, she remembered she had not went shopping for a long time. Thus, she went shopping and bought many things for herself. The sky was almost dark by the time she returned to her villa. The servants spent a couple of days tidying the things she brought back. They saw that she had returned and gave her a list of the items. Elisa noticed something missing from the list. She touched her neck instinctively and widened her eyes. Where is the necklace? I cant lose that necklace! Did I forget to wear it when I packed in a hurry that day? She considered and decided to return to Wickam Residence to search for it. However, she did not expect to walk into the bedroom and find Gareth standing before her dressing table, looking dazedly at a watch in his hand. Elisa was astonished. In their three years of marriage, Gareth had never stepped foot into their bedroom. Now, he seemed absentminded as he looked at the watch she had gifted him and did not notice her entering the room.

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