He hated the watch when she gave it to him and smashed it on the floor. Elisa used glue to reassemble it piece by piece. Although the watch became defective, Elisa still could not bear to throw it. Meanwhile, Gareth suddenly realized that he was being watched and turned to see Elisa looking at him indifferently. He snorted and tossed the watch onto the dressing table. “How dare you display a broken thing here? Is my villa a thrift store?” Elisa’s mouth twitched. “You should toss it then.” After saying that, she walked past him to search for her necklace. Gareth’s pupil constricted. Back then, she cared so much about this watch. Now, she tells me to throw it out like it is nothing. Yes, she has changed! Otherwise, why would she meet up with another man and look so happy chatting with him? Veins popped up on Gareth’s forehead as his expression darkened. “Elisa! Have you found another man? Is that why you agreed so quickly to the divorce?” Elisa chuckled. “You can think of it that way if you want.” After saying that, she headed straight to the dressing table and took a box containing a necklace from a drawer. Although they stood closely, Elisa did not spare him a glance and turned around to head out. Gareth’s face blanched, and he grabbed her wrist. “You think you can come and go whenever you want?” Elisa could not free herself and looked at him puzzledly. “What do you want?” He wont listen to reasons! Ive never seen his mood this volatile before. Seeing her hesitance, Gareth grabbed her hand tightly and said solemnly, “Grandma wants to see you, so you are coming to Wickam Manor with me tonight!” Elisa frowned and looked at Gareth dumbfounded. “Is something wrong with you? Shouldn’t you bring Linda to see her?” Gareth’s expression darkened further at her harsh words. “I’ve told you just now. Grandma wants to see you! Otherwise, why would I bother spending time alone with you?” Elisa snorted. “When Grandma wants to see me in the past, you would always find all kinds of excuses to prevent me from going. Why do you now insist on me going?” Gareth sneered mockingly. “Elisa, Grandma cares so much about you. Have you forgotten her after our divorce?” Elisa pursed her lips. Grandma was the only person who had treated her well in the Wickam family and cared about her. She knew Gareth did not love Elisa, so she pitied her and tried to make it up to her. Furthermore, some of the things Grandma did made Elisa felt like she was her biological granddaughter. Thus, Elisa could never bear to refuse her request. “Previously, you were always concerned about Grandma, and now, you wish to ignore her. Elisa, why have I never noticed how selfish you are? Are you going to abandon her now that she is useless to you?” “I’m not that kind of person!” Elisa glared at him. Gareth scoffed. “Go see her then.” Elisa got into the car with conflicting emotions. My sham of marriage has always been Grandmas cause of concern. If only I hadnt insisted on marrying… Elisa and Gareth soon arrived at the Wickam Manor. They had just entered when an excited voice sounded from the couch. “My lovely granddaughter-in-law is here! Elisa, come and sit beside me! I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time. You’re finally here now!” Elisa’s lashes trembled slightly. She could not hide the complicated emotions in her eyes as she forced herself to smile. “Grandma, I’m sorry. During this time…” However, Julia Smith interrupted her by patting her hand kindly. Her tone was gentle as she said, “You don’t have to explain. I know the difficulties you are facing.” Elisa looked at Julia in surprise and asked tentatively, “You… You know everything?” But if Grandma knows about our divorce, she wont be speaking to me in this tone… Even Gareth seemed bewildered as he looked at Julia. Julia glared at Gareth furiously before turning to Elisa with compassion. “Yes, I know everything. This brat is a scoundrel. I have chosen a good wife for him. Yet, he takes you for granted!”

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