“We can win.” Although Elisa had said those words casually, Will believed her. He looked at the gorgeous woman before him with a flash of surprise in his eyes. People said beautiful women are like vases. But what about this lady? If she is not lying and is really Iris, it means she should never be underestimated! Will nodded and replied warmly, “What is it? I will agree if it is within my abilities.” Elisa tapped her index finger on the table from time to time. She looked at Will and smiled calmly. “I heard Mr. Morris will be having a birthday banquet in ten days.” Will looked at her. “Yes.” Elisa tilted her head slightly and smiled. “Do you need a date for the banquet?” Surprise flashed across Will’s eyes, but he smiled at her. “It is an honor. I will pick you up from your house that night. May I have your address?” Elisa took a sip of fruit juice. Then, she pursed her moist lips and said with a smile, “That’s too boring. I will meet you at your home and go from there.” Charli was rendered speechless. What is Iris up to? Mr. Darcey is a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing! I heard he is a notorious player and a typical scumbag! He is even worse than Gareth and has gone through many women! At least Gareth is only involved with Linda, but Will… He changes women like clothes! If Elisa wants to go to the banquet, she can easily get in with her status as a lawyer. Why does she have to go with Will? She even arranges to go from his house! Charli could not sit still and feared Will would take advantage of Elisa. Thus, she quickly kicked Elisa’s leg under the table. However, Elisa did not react no matter how many times she kicked her. That made Charli even more anxious. She stared at Elisa and kicked her harder. Will looked deep into Elisa’s eyes and did not seem to mind her intention. He smiled and answered, “Sure.” Elisa sent Charli a comforting glance and nodded. “Mr. Darey, when would you like to bring the case to court?” Will thought for a moment and smiled. “I think we can wait until after the birthday banquet. Wouldn’t that be more interesting?” Charli was rendered speechless. The two of them seem to be planning something. This morning, Wills assistant even called to say that the case is urgent, but now… Oh! I get it! Is Will planning to let Gareth see that Elisa is his companion before suing him? Then, when they appear in court, Gareth would find out that Wills lawyer is Gareths ex-wife. My goodness! Will is a vengeful man! Elisa smiled and got up from her seat. “I will leave you to decide when to sue him. Since we are done with the discussion, I would like to go home for beauty sleep. If there are any more documents, you can send them to Charli. Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Darcey.” Will narrowed his eyes as he saw how easy-going Elisa behaved. She seemed to have arranged everything and was confident of her success. It was very different from how she seemed before. Previously, Elisa would always stand hidden behind Gareth. Although she was beautiful, she seemed to have lost her spirit. But now, Elisa exuded an irresistibly attractive aura. Thus, Will took his phone and smiled at her. “Do you play games? I rank high in this game, so I can guide you.” Elisa burst into sudden laughter. She took her phone and joked, “I didn’t expect to find you with this achievement. Still, I don’t play games.” Will seemed to have expected her response and casually opened a social media app. “Would you mind if I add you to my friend list?” Elisa looked at him with a smile. Will smiled back and said, “If needed, I can help you press ‘like’ to anything you post.” Elisa was amused by his childish offer and sent him a friend request. “Mr. Darcey, you should stay away from a divorced woman.” Will accepted her friend request and said, “I just think anything that would make my opponent unhappy would make me happy. Does it bother you, Ms. Iris?”

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