Elisa waved her phone and smiled. “Bye.” She did not wait for Will to respond and left straight away. Meanwhile, Will sat in his chair and did not move. Charli smiled at him before grabbing her phone and rushed after Elisa. After getting into the car, Charli did not start the car but looked at Elisa in disbelief. “Iris, don’t tell me you plan to rebound with Will after your divorce from Gareth. Will is unsuitable for that. Aren’t you scared that you would fall in love with him and have your heart broken again?” Elisa was stunned for a moment but soon gathered her thoughts. She smiled helplessly and said, “That’s nonsense! The thing I hate the most now is romance. Why would I fall in love with anyone?” Furthermore, why would Will want me? Then, Elisa could not help but chuckle. “You worry too much. Even if I wished to date Will, he wouldn’t want me.” Charli frowned and looked at her suspiciously. “You’re not lying?” “Of course, I’m not!” Charli regarded Elisa for a long time and was convinced that Elisa would not break her promise. Thus, she started the car. She could not help but sigh as she released the clutch. “Men are all trash! We ladies need to grow strong to defend ourselves! Elisa, you are a strong woman, so don’t let another man drag you down.” Charli would usually call Elisa Iris. But this time, she called Elisa’s real name to express the seriousness of the matter. Elisa chuckled. “Don’t worry. I won’t let another man hold me back. Revenge on Gareth is just the beginning, trust me.” Charli breathed a sigh of relief and turned the steering wheel. “I trust you!” … Meanwhile, at Benett Residence, Linda and her parents had just finished dinner. Linda had rosy cheeks and did not look like someone who had woken from a coma a month ago. On the other hand, her mother was dressed gorgeously. Although she was in her forties, she looked like a woman in her early thirties. Linda glanced at her mother sitting on the couch and frowned. “Mom, I keep feeling like something is not right. It seems like Gareth doesn’t want to divorce.” Women’s intuition was sometimes accurate, especially when it concerns bad premonition. Whatever they fear would usually come true. Rose Meek looked at Linda. “What makes you say that?” Linda pursed her lips. “His emotions seem to be centered around Elisa these days. They even went to Wickam Manor together last night.” Rose frowned and said, “How could that be? How can Elisa be so shameless?” Linda gritted her teeth. “The night before, I spent so much effort just to get him to spend time with me. Although he would say something to appease me, he was constantly distant and uninterested. I tried to ask him about the divorce, but he refused to talk about it. Even though he said he would marry me, I still have a bad feeling that Elisa might be up to something.” Rose’s expression darkened. “She wasn’t this cunning in the past. Old Madam Wickam favors Elisa. If Elisa decides to go against us, we would be at a disadvantage! Linda, I think we have no choice but to take action.” Linda turned to Rose expectantly. “Mom, do you have a plan?” Rose nodded and caressed Linda’s face. “You are a gorgeous young lady, so it is time for you to be in the spotlight.” “Huh?” Linda seemed confused, so Rose explained, “Mr. Morris will be having a birthday banquet in ten days. What you should do is find a way to attend it as Gareth’s date.”

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