Chapter 25 Which Woman Messed You Up This Time?
The night was bright and lively, and the road remained congested even after rush hours.
After braving the traffic, Rachel finally found a parking spot. She glanced at the passenger next to her and smiled.
“Let’s go, Elisa! The others have arrived already!”
Elisa hummed with a smile. “Sure.”
Rachel wore a mysterious smile as she held Elisa’s arm and entered the private room they had booked.
When they saw that the private room was dark and quiet, Rachel feigned a confused look. “Hey, did they bluff me? Shouldn’t they be here already?”
She led Elisa into the room and continued, “Elisa, let’s go in and wait for them.”

Before Elisa could respond, a loud sound emerged from party poppers being burst. Besides, flashlights in the room were turned on while confetti ribbons showered from the top and fell on the two ladies’ hair and shoulders.
Following that, voices of cheering came forth. “Woohoo! Congrats Elisa for being single again!”
Elisa was flabbergasted while Rachel burst into laughter. She turned to look at Elisa and exclaimed, “Surprise, Elisa!”
The girl who popped the confetti laughed too. “I think she’s more shocked! Elisa, you’ve been restricted by all kinds of rules from the Wickam family ever since you married him. But you can finally lay down the burden and be yourself now!”
Rachel giggled. “That’s right! Our dear Elisa should live for herself from now on! Sheen, I love your brilliant idea!”
Moved by her friends’ care toward her, Elisa uttered, “Thank you, Sheen!”
Shenna was still holding the party popper in her hand. She had shoulder-length black hair and an adorable baby face.
“Hey, this is nothing. There are more surprises coming!”
Rachel was perplexed too. “What is that?”
She had asked a few friends to decorate the room to celebrate Elisa’s divorce and cheer her up, but she didn’t know what the exact plan was.
The next second, a tall figure appeared at the entrance with a bouquet of roses in his hand. The man uttered with a gentle smile, “Elisa, congrats for being single again.”
Rachel gasped in surprise as her eyes lit up. Oh my goodness! He even prepared roses!
Before Elisa could recognize who the man was, the man had already placed the bouquet in her hand.
A few of them were close friends from university.

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