Chapter 26 You’re Going to the Washroom Already?
Gareth Wickam, Vincent Shane, and Jeremy Chase were as close as biological brothers although they were born of different parents.
Vincent was relatively quick-witted and hot-tempered while Jeremy was more of a gentleman. Everyone thought he was a gentle, handsome, amiable man from a wealthy and influential family. However, he had a cold heart.
The three confidantes cared for each other like how they cared for their own families.
“I found my mother’s old necklace.”
Gareth lifted his head to gaze at Vincent in silence while Jeremy uttered, “Finally.”
With a darkened face, Vincent grumbled, “But the necklace is now with the despicable woman. And… and I freaking lost to her!”
“Get straight to the point.” Gareth croaked.
Both he and Jeremy knew how important that necklace was to Vincent.

Vincent gritted his teeth and told his friends the entire story.
Jeremy snorted. “So that necklace is very important to her too and she claimed it was passed down from her deceased mother?”
Vincent gnashed his teeth. “My foot! She’s obviously lying! Oh well, it was dishonest of me to hoax her into a competition. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten help from such a powerful opponent! Even national car racers might not be able to beat that woman.”
Gareth was surprised that Vincent had such a high opinion of the woman.
Suddenly, Vincent shot a glance at Gareth and blurted, “She can even hold a candle to you. How can I possibly defeat her?”
Jeremy chuckled. “Ha! Interesting!”
Looking indifferent, Gareth didn’t answer but stood up and walked out of the room.
Vincent lifted his brows and remarked as he watched Gareth walk away. “I can’t believe you’re going to the washroom after drinking just a few glasses. Is there any issue with your health? Do you need Jeremy to give you a checkup? Otherwise, it might affect your marriage in the future.”
Gareth glared at Vincent coldly and left the room.
However, an aggrieved voice emerged before he reached the corridor’s corner.
“What on earth are you thinking, Elisa? Since you’ve already filed for a divorce, why don’t you give him and yourself a chance?”
Gareth was stunned at the spot.
Elisa’s resigned voice came forth on the other side of the corner. “I’m a divorced woman. I don’t want to impede on his life.”
Gareth’s expression turned ghastly at once when he heard the familiar voice. It is really her!
Our divorce procedure is not completed yet, but she’s already messing around with other men! Screw you, b*tch!

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