Chapter 27 Just Divorce Me Then!
While Elisa was still trying to contain her awkwardness after entering the room, someone flung the door open. The few of them looked toward the entrance simultaneously when they heard the ruckus.
What came into sight was a tall, handsome man dressed in a custom-made suit, which enhanced his inherent elegance.
The man gave off such a hostile aura that no one dared to look straight into his eyes.
Elisa frowned. What brings him here?
Gareth was annoyed when he saw the bouquet beside Elisa.
“I didn’t expect you to find yourself a paramour this soon.” He sneered.

Carle’s eyes turned cold immediately, but before he could say anything, Elisa retorted furiously, “Mind your words, Gareth Wickam!”
Gareth glared at her menacingly. “Elisa Benett, we’re not officially divorced yet, but you already can’t wait to be with another guy. Do you deem me a dead man?”
Elisa thought Gareth was ridiculous while Rachel rebuked, “What’s wrong with you, Gareth Wickam?! You didn’t appreciate Elisa when she gave up everything to serve you and the family as a wife. Are you regretting it now that you’ve signed the divorce paper? Come on, be like a man!”
Rachel was an outspoken person and couldn’t care less if Gareth was an influential man.
She couldn’t tolerate anyone who bullied her best friend!
Gareth’s gloomy aura became more intense as the tension in the atmosphere built.
All of a sudden, Carle sprang up and stood in front of Elisa to protect her. He glared at Gareth and said, “Mr. Wickam, act like a man since you’ve decided to let go. Otherwise, you’ll only embarrass yourself, Mr. President Wickam.”
“Embarrass myself?” Gareth shot a fierce glare at Carle and grunted. “Right back at you. I can’t believe you’re already a home wrecker at this young age.”
Carle’s face darkened. “Please mind your words. Mr. Wickam. Elisa has finally freed herself from hell. If you’re a real man, stop pestering her! Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll bring any good to Wickam Group’s reputation if this matter escalates.”
The sarcasm in Gareth’s eyes augmented. “If Wickam Group can be threatened so easily, we would have collapsed long ago.”
Elisa grasped Carle’s arm and blurted, “Carle.”
Although the Semoa family was powerful too, it would be no help if he went against the Wickam family. Even if there was a chance of him winning, Elisa didn’t want Carle to sacrifice for her.
Carle turned around to see Elisa shaking her head at him. Then, she walked out from behind him.

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