Chapter 28 An Uproar on the Internet
Gareth was dumbfounded.
Elisa stared at him with a displeased look. “I’ve been waiting for you to come and look for me. Do you not even have time to go to the Department of Civil Affairs, President Wickam?! You could have just sacrificed the time of a meal with her and gotten our divorce procedures done so that you don’t have to worry about the reputation of your company every day!”
Gareth gritted his teeth and snarled, “Elisa Benett! Do you think I don’t want to divorce you?! Grandma has been crying and begging me to not divorce you!”
Elisa was confused.
Before this, Julia had called her and claimed that she would find a better man for her. Did she do this on purpose?
“There’s still a major project ongoing in the company, and we’re competing against Darcey Group. I’ll divorce you after this project ends, but you better behave yourself in the next month.”
Any negative news would pose a threat to Gareth, so he wouldn’t want the reputation of him and Elisa as the model couple to be ruined.
Elisa snorted coldly. “That’s none of my business. It doesn’t bother me whether the company succeeds in this project or not because I won’t get a penny even if you earned a billion from this project.”

The derision in Gareth’s eyes intensified. “You’re indeed a greedy, materialistic woman!”
Gareth frowned while staring at Elisa’s stone face.
Elisa smirked. “I just hope I don’t have to see you ever again. I’m still disgusted by your impatient look when I begged you to meet me back then.”
Her remark made Gareth flare up immediately.
“Hence, Mr. Wickam, do not impose on others what you do not desire. I hope you can stop pestering me like a pest!”
“Pester you like a pest?! Very well, Elisa, you’re getting arrogant now!” Gareth laughed out of anger, but his spooky eyes were as cold as icebergs.
Elisa couldn’t bother to talk to him, so she turned and walked toward the private room.
“You better behave yourself if you don’t want to put Semoa Group to trouble”
Elisa halted her step for a moment, but she soon regained her senses and walked back to the room, leaving Gareth alone in the empty corridor.
Clenching his fists, Gareth pressed his lips indignantly. The ferocity in his eyes was so threatening as if it could set the room, where Elisa was in, on fire.
Meanwhile, Elisa sat down on the couch.
Carle looked at Elisa worriedly and asked, “Did he do anything to harm you, Elisa?”
If it wasn’t because of her strong stance just now, Carle would have gone after her.
Elisa shook her head with a smile. “Not at all. We’re living in a society governed by the law after all.”
Rachel gnashed her teeth. “I’ve hated his arrogant look all this while! He’s a total jerk! Screw him!”
Sheena held Elisa’s hand and agreed. “You made the right decision to divorce him, honey. You should get a husband like Carle next time!”
Sheena became a little shy as she uttered the second sentence.
There was a glow in Carle’s deep-set eyes. He sighed and said, “Elisa, I shouldn’t have bought you roses. You might not have recovered from the last relationship since you’ve just gotten a divorce. But I’ll wait for you. I’ll always be at your side whenever you need me, Elisa.”

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