Jessica frowned as she had had enough of his sarcasm. “Just tell me what I have to do to be free from you, Mr. Gulliford.” Trevor released his grip on her chin and pulled out a credit card as he replied, “Alfred gave you 150 thousand dollars, right? You enjoy making money working at Cerulean, don’t you? Here, I’ll make this simple for you. Once you’ve made 750 thousand dollars working at Cerulean, transfer it all to this card and I’ll let you go free.” Jessica nodded and took the card over from him. “Fine. Can I go now?” Of course, a man as wealthy as Trevor couldn’t possibly care less about the money. He simply wanted to see her embarrass herself working at Cerulean. She thought Trevor would no longer be able to hurt her as it had already been five years, but he had been repeatedly abusing her since her return. Trevor looked away from her and said coldly, “Ten days.” “Got it.” Jessica opened the door and got out of the car with an emotionless look on her face. “Oh, my goodness! Where were you? The kids have been trying to reach you ever since they got home! They tried calling you countless times, but you never answered your phone!” Monica exclaimed anxiously the moment she got home. Upon pulling out her phone, Jessica realized she accidentally had it on Silent mode the whole time. She then quickly reassured Monica and the kids that everything was all right. “Remember, kids. If you ever see this man in the future, make sure to stay as far away from him as possible!” she said while showing them a picture of Trevor that she found on the internet. Whoa! He looks just like my brothers! Is he our daddy?” Faye asked. Jessica felt her heart ache when she heard that. “No, he isn’t! He’s a bad guy who will take you all away from me, so you must all stay away from him. Is that understood?” As the kids trusted her unconditionally, they nodded and said in unison, “Understood, Mommy! We’ll stay away from that bad guy!” Jessica felt somewhat relieved after hearing that. Recalling her promise to Trevor, she headed over to Cerulean even though she had taken the day off. After all, earning 750 thousand dollars in ten days was no easy task. Making that much money was a piece of cake for Jessica when she was the number one socialite in Horington five years ago. However, it had become like an impossible task for her after everything that happened. She sat down at her dressing table like she always did and watched as the women went in and out of the dressing room. Time soon went by, and it was already ten at night before she knew it. All dozens of escorts on the twentieth floor had already left by then, but Jessica still received no requests whatsoever. “Oh, no… This won’t do! At this rate, I won’t be able to make 750 thousand dollars in time! I can’t keep waiting like this!” she thought to herself as she limped toward Natalie’s office. “What’s the matter? You got tired of waiting?” Natalie asked upon seeing her at the door. Jessica nodded. “I really need the money, Natalie.” “It’s the boss’ orders to not let you have any customers. You offended someone you shouldn’t have,” Natalie replied softly while flipping through the document in her hands. Jessica frowned and let out a helpless sigh as she thought to herself, “Is there even a limitation to Trevor’s influence? I can’t believe he even has control over Cerulean! I bet he never intended for me to make 750 thousand dollars, huh?” “Even so, there are still plenty of opportunities here at Cerulean. Even if we don’t recommend you to the customers, I can’t stop you from attending to them if they request for you. That’s the rule here, after all,” Natalie reminded her after a brief pause. “Understood. Thanks, Natalie.” Jessica then returned to the dressing room and changed into a white backless dress. Her lambskin leather handbag added some feminine charm to her as she stood beneath the dim lighting. Jessica couldn’t help but find it ironic that the knowledge she obtained from a few years of makeup classes would be applied in a place like Cerulean. Having been raised in an upper class family, Jessica developed the ability to observe and analyze others since she was a child. However, she couldn’t seem to find a single wealthy man even after observing tons of customers that passed her by in the corridor. Truly successful businessmen would usually have an elegant and mature air about them as well as exude a confident charm in everything they do. Trevor was the prime example of such an individual. As he had been through all sorts of situations, he rarely got distracted by anything and anyone. “Jessica?”

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