Jessica spun around when she heard someone calling out to her from behind, only to furrow her brows when she saw that it was Melissa. “You’re working here as an escort? You know, you could just tell me if you’re pressed for cash! Dad knows a lot of men that really like you, so there’s no need for you to be working here at all!” Melissa said with a disdainful expression as she no longer had to put up an act like she did earlier in the day. “Thank you for the kind offer, but that won’t be necessary,” Jessica replied and tried to walk away, but Melissa grabbed her by the arm. “What’s with that arrogant attitude of yours, huh? Do you still think you’re the precious daughter of the Jackson family? Guess what? You’re not! Right now, you’re nothing but a filthy escort!” Melissa had always hated her emotionless and arrogant look as it made everyone in Horington think Jessica was being elegant. “I’m sick and tired of living under her shadow! Everyone knows her as the number one socialite in Horington, but nobody even cares about me in the slightest!” she thought to herself as she gave Jessica a hard shove. Having been caught off guard, Jessica lost her balance and fell to the floor. Even so, she maintained that emotionless look on her face as she calmly got back on her feet and limped away. After everything she had experienced in the past five years, Jessica was no longer the hot-tempered woman she used to be. Upon returning to the dressing room, she was told that a customer in room four had requested for her. “Hmm… Someone must’ve spotted my employee number when I was standing in the corridor earlier. Well, whatever… All that matters is that I get paid!” Jessica thought to herself as she opened the door to room number four with a smile. “Hello, I’m—” She paused halfway through her greeting when she recognized the guests in the room. They were all her friends when she was still with the Jackson family five years ago. Back then, she would often come to Cerulean with them and have male escorts entertain them. Never before had she expected to someday end up serving them as an escort. Despite being a shameless person, Jessica found herself feeling incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. “See? What did I tell you guys? My sister really is working as an escort here at Cerulean!” Melissa said as she stepped out of the corner and sat down on the couch closest to Jessica. She then raised a glass at Jessica as she continued, “So, do you charge by the hour or by the night? I may not be a man, but I am curious as to how the number one socialite in Horington performs in bed!” Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they heard that. “Are you kidding me, Jessica? I can’t believe you actually became a freaking escort!” “Don’t you ever tell anyone that you’re friends with us, okay? It’s absolutely embarrassing to be associated with you!” “How much do you charge per night, Jessica? I’ll pay double if you’re willing to serve me! Heck, I’ll pay you ten times as much!” “What the hell, man? Why are you so cheap? Jessica, I’ll pay you a hundred times more if you serve me instead!” Jessica maintained a poker face as she stood there listening to her friends’ insults. Her heart had become so numb that she no longer felt any pain from such trivial things. “How much is it going to be, Jessica? Name your price so we can support you!” Shawn asked with a lecherous grin. He had been courting Jessica for three years, but she always ignored him no matter what he did. As such, he was determined to seize that opportunity and get his revenge on her. “15 thousand dollars,” Jessica replied calmly with a faint smile, much to everyone’s surprise. “I-is this really the same Jessica that I know? Had I made that same joke five years ago, I probably would’ve died without ever knowing why! I can’t believe she just told us her price so nonchalantly like that! What has she experienced to undergo such a huge change?” Shawn thought to himself in shock and disbelief. After taking a moment to regain his composure, Shawn placed a wad of cash on the table and said, “My belt is uncomfortably tight. Come here and loosen it up for me!” Jessica simply kept quiet as she limped toward Shawn and unbuckled his belt. It was from a famous international clothing brand that she paid no heed to in the past. After unbuckling his belt, Jessica grabbed the cash on the table and stuffed it into her pocket. “Not bad! Now, how about you kneel and bark like a dog?”

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