Shawn froze in shock when he saw Trevor. He might’ve spent a few minutes with Trevor in this room last night and knew who the man was, but they had never crossed paths previously. “Why does he want to see me?” Shawn wondered inwardly. The other people in the room stood up and greeted Trevor respectfully before heading out to give them some space. Trevor wanted to talk to Shawn, so no one dared to stay behind, including Natalie. Everyone filed out of the private room. Trevor went to the main seat and sat down. “I was too busy yesterday and forgot all about you.” He tugged at his necktie. If he remembered correctly, it was Shawn who asked Jessica to take off his pants last night. “Damn it. Why do I feel tightness in my throat whenever I think of her?” he thought grumpily. “Mr. Gulliford, please go ahead.” Shawn stood aside and poured him a glass of liquor. “Call your grandpa and ask him a question. You made things difficult for my woman. Does he want to punish you himself, or does he want me to do it on his behalf?” Trevor asked, his voice scarily low. He pronounced each and every word clearly. Flustered, Shawn blurted out, “Trevor, I respect you, but please know your place. Jessica’s just a bargirl. You should consider whether it’s worth it to offend the Lopez family just because you want to protect her.” “Looks like you won’t be asking the question,” Trevor remarked. He clapped once, and the door was pushed open. A few men clad in black suits strode in and held Shawn up. “Break his teeth so he can learn it the hard way. He’ll know who he can touch and who he cannot touch,” Trevor ordered lazily from his spot on the couch. After receiving his order, the men grabbed a pure metal decoration item from the corner of the room and aimed for Shawn’s teeth. “Ow!” An ear-splitting scream reverberated across the room as bloody teeth fell to the ground. “I’m sorry. I only asked her to sing a few songs today. The high-pitched songs were selected by a waitress. It wasn’t me who made the selection,” he wailed in desperation. His arrogance was long gone when his teeth fell to the ground. “Get her.” Shortly after Trevor gave the order, Janice was dragged into the private room. Trevor shot her a look and snorted in disdain. “She isn’t even worthy of carrying Jessica’s shoes in the past,” he mused to himself. “Select 100 high-pitched songs for her. She can’t stop until she finishes singing them all.” “Got it, Mr. Gulliford.” The men nodded and started selecting the songs. Trevor rose to his feet and marched out of the private room. He was busy straightening his collar and had just turned a corner when he bumped into a few kids. Asher was saying, “The GPS coordinates show that Mommy is here. Why isn’t she here?” “Did you get it wrong?” a little girl’s voice rang out. Bennett replied, “Faye, stop talking nonsense. Asher has never been wrong.” Caleb insisted, “But what if he got it wrong this time? We should leave. This doesn’t look like a place where kids can come.” Asher snapped, “Shut up. If you won’t shut up, I won’t bring the three of you out the next time.” “Little guy, why are you here?” Trevor recognized Asher at once. He glanced at the three adorable kids beside Asher and flashed a grin. “Oh, it’s you!” Asher lifted his head and pursed his lips. A wary look flashed across the little boy’s eyes. Faye asked blithely, “Sir, have you seen my mommy? She’s—” Before she could finish, Asher covered her mouth hurriedly. “You can’t say that!” Asher stomped his feet anxiously. “Why not?” Trevor asked curiously. He couldn’t help but find the four kids precious and adorable. Comprehension dawned on Faye. “Turns out this man is the bad guy Mommy told us about!” she thought. She covered her mouth hastily and glared at Trevor. Trevor felt his heart melting at how cute she looked. “Oh, dear. Mr. Gulliford, when did you give birth to such smart and precious kids? They look exactly like you!” Natalie commented in surprise as she happened to walk past them. Trevor regained his composure and thought, “Grandpa mentioned that the kids resemble me. Now that I think of it, they do resemble me.” Something occurred to him as his heart skipped a beat. Grabbing Faye, he asked earnestly, “Can I know who your mommy is?”
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