Chapter 22 Everyone Is a Bargirl Here

Before she could react, she felt a pair of warm lips plant themselves on hers.

She wondered, “I-Is Alfred kissing me?”

Jessica felt as if her wind was blown. In the blink of an eye, she pushed him away with her hands.

“Mr. Whiteburn, have you fooled around enough? If you have, it’s time I go back to work.”

“Don’t be angry.” Waving his hands, Alfred explained softly, “I absolutely have no intention of messing with you. Why don’t we do this? From today onwards, I’ll begin to pursue you.”

The moment he finished, he slipped away quickly, for fear of infuriating Jessica further.

After rubbing her lips with her fingers in displeasure, Jessica returned to the makeup room.

A few seconds later, a box of makeup foundation flew through the air and struck her on the face while she was putting on her makeup.

powder was scattered all over her eyelashes. If she had not closed her

nosey gazes of a group of bargirls, Jessica calmly took a piece of tissue and wiped the powder off her face methodically. Subsequently, her brows knitted slightly at the

Shouldn’t you look yourself in the mirror to check whether you’re worthy of him in

off the left side of her face, she did

me tell you, Jessica, you’re nothing but a bargirl, who has no right to stay by Mr. Whiteburn’s side,” Janice ridiculed

you to accuse her

her stilettoes and

bargirl. If

the drama indignantly, voiced

a university graduate like you here. After all, we do not want to

Mr. Whiteburn. I’m afraid he’s not interested in touching you even if

rest of the girls in the makeup room took it in turn to mock

mean that, Quincy, Dorcas. I was just talking about Jessica,” Janice quickly explained upon realizing that she

own merits. If you fail, don’t go around causing trouble just because of your sour grapes. Otherwise, don’t

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