Chapter 23 Ferrari and Taxi

One could attribute it to her low self-confidence, or they could attribute it to the trauma resulting from her bout of getting mocked. Regardless of what it was, all she wanted was to live like ants – to be ordinary, to work hard, and to live without catching anyone’s attention.

“Can’t you just think of me as a taxi driver?” Alfred Whiteburn said with a smile and a pleading look on his face.

“Mr. Whiteburn, you’re driving a Ferrari, not a taxi.”

At that very moment, Jessica felt that Alfred needed to learn about the real world more than she did.

“Wait a moment.”

Alfred pushed open the door and went down the car. He then hailed a taxi and threw the keys to his Ferrari to the taxi driver.

“This Ferrari for your taxi. We’ll do the ownership transfer tomorrow, but I’ll want your car now. Will you take up the offer?”

“Of course, of course!”

The taxi driver nodded fervently, thrilled by his sudden good luck. He immediately got out of his car to drive the Ferrari.

On the other hand, Alfred drove the taxi and stopped it in front of Jessica. He then smiled at her dotingly. “Now it’s a taxi.”

Jessica took a deep breath before an exasperated smile grew on her lips.

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