Chapter 24 New Suits

He had seen the taxi driver.

Jessica opened the door and went into the car. As she looked at Trevor, she tentatively asked,

“Mr. Gulliford, I still have 150 thousand dollars left to earn. Can you please tell me everything along with your instructions?”

“Are you in such a haste to become the wife of a Whiteburn?”

Even though Trevor did not lift his head, Jessica could still hear the intense anger in his tone.

Jessica said nothing to that. Her slender fingers tucked away the stray strands of hair before her

eyes flicked toward the passersby outside the car.

She did not need to explain anything to him, and it was not as if there was anything for her to explain to him anyway.

Trevor’s large hands grabbed her shoulders. The pang of pain forced Jessica to turn to look at him.

“Jessica, your life is mine. Be good, or else I’ll send you back to the battlefield.”

“Mr. Gulliford, what do you want me to do?”

“Pick the suit for the wedding.”


lesser when she

could not

shop attendants at the tailor saw Trevor, they quickly slapped a smile on their faces and enthusiastically welcomed

you’re here. I’ve prepared your suit. Do you need us to bring it

Let her

gave Jessica a look that told her to get

was a germaphobe when it came to clothes, so he did not like strangers touching his


when she

your clothes into

of answering her, he rose to his feet and walked toward the dressing

as Jessica

her brows and

don’t want to repeat myself,” came

She was instantly greeted by the sight of Trevor standing

to take it off before

“The pants.”

Jessica shakily reached out toward

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