Chapter 25 The Past

Trevor’s voice was cold, but he could not begin to comprehend why he was feeling frustrated at the miserable sight of Jessica.

A beat later, Jessica supported herself to a standing position before limping over to Trevor.

She then took off his pants with an indifferent look before changing his clothes for him.

Trevor was a man with a good figure. He was neither fat nor skinny – he had the standard body size of a model.

The man was a self-disciplined individual regardless of whether it was about food or about sports. What made him most attractive to Jessica was his billiard skills.

Back then, Jessica had been up against Trevor at the finals of Horington’s billiard competition.

Trevor had been able to defeat Jessica in the blink of an eye despite the confidence Jessica had in her skills.

It was that moment Jessica fell in love with Trevor’s brilliant actions, and that was when she changed her impression of Trevor.

She stopped believing in Melissa’s attempts to sow discord between the two and decided to take a good look at Trevor Gulliford.

Everything would have been fine if she had not taken a better look at Trevor.

The man was far too excellent. He was a genius, academically, and in business.

She thought that Trevor had courted her in the same way those foolish rich children did – she thought he used the same old tricks for flirting with her. However, it was only after her investigation did she realize that the man was as proud as she was.

The memories of her past danced across her eyes as she stared at the aloof man in the mirror. Although Jessica could not make tears spring to her eyes, she still felt her throat tighten.

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