Chapter 26 Bargirls

“Stop it. Stop it,” Jessica continued pleading and muttering in a daze, still crouched on the ground.

Just stop it all. Whether it is the buzzing in my ears or Trevor’s questions. Leave me alone, Jessica thought miserably.

All she wanted to do was to live. Once upon a time, she was Horington’s top socialite. Now, the

only thing she wanted was to keep living. Was it that hard for others to let her do that?

“Jessica, what’s the matter?”

A pair of hands held her shoulders and gently pushed her.

Jessica lifted her head in response. When she saw the man’s face in front of her, she found herself traveling back to five years ago to the moment when the man said that he was sending her back to the warzone.


Her legs gave out on her, and she fell to her knees. Then, she prostrated before Trevor and cried out, “Mr. Gulliford, please have mercy. I’m already in this state. Please just let me go. I know I’ve done wrong now.”

As she kept her forehead touching the floor, her throat tightened. Her tear ducts itched, but still,

no tears came out.

him, she was a distinguished socialite who never needed to

had ended

my ways. Is that not enough? God, I’ve changed my ways

on her knees before

“Why?” he wondered.

do that, for she had killed someone. Yet, Trevor found

let you

he turned and walked off. Once the door was closed

his body swayed, and his world spun

was swift to react –

Cooper that ever since Jessi-” Realizing that he had said the wrong things, Martin quickly corrected himself. “You’ve been drinking coffee

speak. His expression was dark as he pushed Martin’s hands away and continued

long time before the buzzing in

forehead, the doctor gave her a pack of anti-inflammatory pills. She then took a cab

the same as ever. Natalie still refused to

had no choice but to stay in the corridor and wait for one of the patrons to summon

private room asked for a large number of

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