Chapter 27 I’m Free

Quincy and the others were stunned. Everyone knew Janice was talking nonsense, but no one dared to refute it.

Upon hearing that, Cleeve turned around to look at Jessica, and a smile formed on his stern face. “All right. I haven’t met a woman who can down five glasses of whiskey at one go, anyway. Come on. Show me.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just taken some cephalosporin. So, I can’t have alcohol now-“

“I’ll give you 15 thousand dollars if you drink all five glasses. If you can’t, then I’ll get someone to chop this waitress’ tongue off.”

As soon as Cleeve finished his sentence, Janice started to panic. She turned to face Jessica, urging, “Hurry up. Drink it. He’s giving you 15 thousand dollars. Don’t you love money? Drink up then. Don’t make things difficult for me.”

Sitting beside Jessica was Dorcas, the bargirl. The latter quietly tugged at Jessica’s sleeve and whispered, “Jessica, it’s best if you don’t take any alcohol if you’ve really taken cephalosporins. Ignore Janice. She brought this upon herself.”

“Quickly! Drink up!” Janice urged impatiently. Cleeve crossed his legs and stared at Jessica in amusement.

“One glass for 30 thousand dollars,” Jessica stated nonchalantly. She showed no expression as she shot him an empty gaze.

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raised a glass and gulped it down with her eyes closed. As the spicy liquid entered her throat, she

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