Chapter 28 Expelled

When she finally opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the hospital bed. Sitting beside it was a gentle-looking person.

“Lina?” Jessica frowned slightly, perplexed by her presence. “Why are you here?”

“Mr. Gulliford sent me here to take care of you. Ms. Jackson, why have you lost so much weight?” Lina asked.

Jessica felt slightly embarrassed by Lina’s warm response.

Back then, when Trevor was still pursuing her, they had an intimate night in the guest room of the Gulliford residence.

The next morning, Lina went over to provide Jessica some help, only to be treated coldly by the latter, who felt flustered and thought Lina and Trevor were terrible people.

“Lina, about what happened back then… I’m sorry,” Jessica said gently, pursing her dry, thin lips together.

“Oh, that was so long ago. Shouldn’t we look forward, Ms. Jackson? All of you are living in the past. That’s why your lives are so pathetic,” Lina said with a kind smile. She rose to her feet and poured Jessica a bowl of soup.

“All of us?” Jessica took the bowl with a frown.

Who else lives a pathetic life? she wondered.

Who else—

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