Chapter 29 Transfer by Tonight

Natalie placed the fruits beside the bed, pursing her lips at Jessica. The former had met people who love money before but never one this greedy.

“Natalie, does my hospital fee cost a lot?” Jessica furrowed her brows. She was in a VIP ward, which was equipped with a living room, a kitchen, a television, and even a sports room. One could only imagine how much it cost for one night.

“Don’t worry about that. Just focus on recuperating,” Natalie advised gently. Clearly, her boss, Trevor, was not short of money.

Jessica did not question further. After all, she had collected 750 thousand dollars. All she needed was a word from Trevor, and they would no longer owe each other anything.

Natalie did not dare to say much either, since Trevor instructed her to speak carefully in

Jessica’s presence.

When Natalie left, Jessica immediately gave Trevor a video call. “Mr. Gulliford, I can give you 750 thousand dollars now. Please let me go.”

“Your medical bill for today cost a total of 4500 dollars. Your 750 thousand dollars still lacks 4500 dollars.” Trevor’s impassive tone sounded a little icy.

“I’ll give it to you. I have 4500 dollars.” Jessica’s eyes gleamed with hope as she sat up in her bed, pulling out the infusion tube from her wrist.

the wound on her wrist was still bleeding because of the infusion tube. “Since you’ve already collected 750 thousand dollars, transfer it to the card I gave you by tonight. If I don’t see the money in the account by midnight,

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knocked out the other six men standing outside in the blink of an eye. Truth was, she was too weak to fight Trevor’s bodyguard. However, Trevor had given them an order

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can lend me 1500 dollars now, I’ll be more than happy to return

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