Chapter 30 He’s Mine

“Why are you being so pretentious? Weren’t you willing to risk your life over money? I can’t believe you actually downed five glasses of whiskey for 150 thousand dollars each. You’re such a greedy woman, Jessica.” Janice stared at Jessica in disdain, her words full of mockery.

“Aren’t you working at Cerulean for the money, too?” It was the first time Jessica confronted her.

“Oh, please. I’m different from you. I’m a university student, working part-time here. I earned my money through hard work. It’s legal money. I’m not like you, who’s willing to do anything despicable just for it. We’re completely different; we’re from a different hierarchy.”

“Fine. As long as you’re happy with that.” Jessica did not have the time to listen to her nonsense. Seeing Janice had put down her hand that was blocking her path, Jessica quickly marched forward.

“Hold it right there. What gives you the right to behave so pretentiously in front of me when you were even willing to strip naked just for money?” Janice caught Jessica’s hand. “A university student like me is obviously better than a bargirl. Shouldn’t she feel ashamed of herself in my presence?” Janice wondered to herself.

“Janice, I’m not being pretentious. Let me go. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.” Jessica really did not want to deal with people like Janice. Dealing with smart people made her calm, while despicable people only brought her trouble.

you think I want to have anything to do with you? Even if you lick my shoes clean, I’ll still find

high heels. She lifted the scented sachet in her hand and

here for a few days, while I’ve been working for you for months.” Janice clutched her hand and stomped

a fool out of yourself? Do you know you’ve already been removed from Cerulean’s staff

you said just now. All that staff list and whatnot are just some gangs created among the staff. I don’t even bother staying in it. As long as the boss

able to become a supervisor wherever I go with my certificate. They’re

head helplessly, frowning as she commented inwardly, “How could such a stupid person exist

away from Mr. Whiteburn. You’re not worthy of

Jessica. To her,

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