Chapter 31 Stay There for One Hour

“Okay. Since she likes me that much, then I shouldn’t disappoint her. I need you to do something for me.” Alfred lowered his head and whispered his instructions into his assistant’s ears. The former’s lips slowly curled into an evil smile.

“Got it, Mr. Whiteburn.”

Meanwhile, Jessica and the others were putting on their makeup in the makeup room when Janice walked in to gossip with Quincy.

Surprisingly, Quincy walked out right away without uttering a single word. She was not in the mood to talk to Janice.

“Fanny, what’s going on with Quincy? She looks upset.” Janice cast Fanny Tull a confused look.

Hearing that, Fanny slammed her eyebrow pencil on the table and said sarcastically, “We can’t drink five glasses of whiskey at one go. How are we worthy of talking to you?”

Another bar girl in the room, who had no idea what happened, asked Janice with a smile,

“What’s going on?”

was about to explain things to

client is waiting for us in the private room. We need to

Fanny. At the same time, all the other bargirls, except for Jessica, exited the room. Clearly, they

who was still calmly seated while putting on her makeup.

her brow

can only be a bargirl for the rest of your life. That’s really sad. You’ve

three is asking for you,” interrupted Dorcas and the others who were standing outside the room. All of them

not a bargirl. Why is he looking for me?” Janice was perplexed. For the past few months of working in Cerulean, she had

everyone has to greet the client

don’t want to work at

and the others each gave a comment as they stood outside. Janice pursed her lips in annoyance and decided to go over and check things

at room number three, she saw a big-bellied man sitting inside. His face was greasy, which disgusted

greeted politely, “Hello,

The man stared at Janice, looking even more revolting

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