Chapter 6

“I don’t need your favor,” said Rosalie

Fueled by alcohol, Jason rushed toward Rosalie and gave her a hard slap across the face. “Just drink it when I ask you to drink! You’re nothing more than a down-and-out now. Quit putting on airs!”

While speaking, he grabbed the bottle of wine and directly poured the liquid down Rosalie’s throat.

Rosalie wanted to push the other party away, but men’s strength was ultimately much stronger than women’s, not to mention Loretta was aiding him at the side.

Jason greatly appreciated Loretta’s help. “Loretta, you’re indeed thoughtful. I’ll talk to the director about getting extra scenes for you later.”

This naturally spurred Loretta on, causing her to become more aggressive in her actions. “Thank you, Mr. Holt! Please forgive my sister for being heedless.”

Rosalie wasn’t sure how much wine she had been forced to drink, but as a lightweight, she was already somewhat tipsy now. Barely able to control her remaining consciousness, she stammered, ‘I… I want to go back…”

“Okay. I’ll take you back in a while.” Jason wrapped his arm around Rosalie, his gaze filled with lust.

Even though the woman before him was not stunningly beautiful, Jason couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of her being Zachary’s ex-girlfriend.

At this moment, Jason’s phone suddenly rang

Initially, he wanted to decline the call, but upon seeing the caller ID, he picked up nonetheless. After all, it was the director, James Holt, calling.

Furthermore, James was Jason’s older brother. The latter was only able to become an assistant director because of the


answered the call, he seemed to have sobered abruptly as the color drained from

sanitary worker without any background. Even if Zachary is her former boyfriend, he doesn’t care about her anymore now that he already has a fiancée,” he exclaimed, unable to comprehend why Zachary would let his ex-girlfriend work

touch her and must let her leave safely. You gotta know, this is a warning that the company’s CEO personally called and told me. He also said that if something truly happened to this woman tonight, the film crew would be dissolved tomorrow. By then, you can forget about staying in Strico, cautioned James, He felt a chill

going to dissolve a film crew just like that after investing tens of millions of dollars?” Jason questioned in disbelief. “Who on earth is this woman?”

the one who caused this. If you dare to even touch even a single strand of her hair, I’ll punish you severely!’ James lectured.

loss, not daring to confess that not only had he already slapped Rosalie, but he

leave, but Loretta moved forward to stop the former, thinking. “It’s nothing to sacrifice a half-sister as long as I

see coming was Jason dashing toward her and giving her a hard slap that caused her to stumble and almost fall to


Chapter 6

stop her!” Loretta was practically Jason’s top nemesis at this moment.

reverentially for Rosalie, allowing the latter to exit the private

you trying to set me up? Who exactly is your sister? Who in the world is the big shot backing her?” Jason

shot? There’s a big

the private room, her steps unsteady from the effects of alcohol and her

I have to go back as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be dangerous for

told her to walk in her house’s direction, but unfortunately, her body seemed

Which direction she mumbled to herself.

figure that gave her a sense of familiarity and security came into her view. It was as though she would be safe as long as that figure was

and looked up at the other party, her eyes having nearly lost focus. Yet,

had been struggling to keep open, finally

at her red check and gently

hand and cautiously explained the situation he had just

shall lose their hand, then,” stated Jonathan. He then scooped Rosalie up in

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