Chapter 7

“No.” Jonathan answered. Yet, he recalled Rosalie pinning him down on the bed with intoxicated eyes when he was about to put her on the bed after he brought her back to the rental home in his arms.

At that moment, he was surprised by his carelessness. Had she been someone who wanted his life, he would’ve lost his life there and then!

The man had always been vigilant, so he couldn’t wrap his mind around why he had put down his guard.

However, before he could get up. Rosalie had already cupped his face with both hands. She pushed aside the thick bangs on his forehead and stroked his eyelids with her fingertips.

“You have beautiful eyes… I like them… so much…’ she murmured.

“Like?” That word wasn’t uncommon to Jonathan. After all, there were always women who claimed to like him and complimented things about his eyes and stuff.

His eyes were perhaps the only part that resembled his mother.

Jonathan’s father would often gaze into Jonathan’s eyes and be lost in thought when the latter was a child. His father would then mumble to him, “These eyes may seem affectionate but are, in fact, the most heartless. I wonder, will you be affectionate or heartless in the future, Jon?”

“Mm-hmm. Because… they’re pure…” Rosalie elaborated while burping.

“Pure?” thought Jonathan, snickering. This was the first time someone had described his eyes as pure.

“It’s as if they have never been tainted by any sins… So pure… The woman was in a charmingly tipsy state, her face virtually pressing against his. “Jon, don’t be afraid… I will… protect you….”

With that, she slumped onto his chest and fell asleep in her drunkenness.

“Protect me? You can’t even protect yourself, yet you claim that you’ll protect me? How ridiculous! Jonathan sneered inwardly.

Back to the present, he looked at Rosalie and lied, “You didn’t do anything, just fell asleep”

Hearing that, she breathed a sigh of relief.

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Why did you get hurt, and how did you get drunk?” Jonathan


drunkard and had a minor confrontation, Rosalie replied nonchalantly, not wanting to tell him the shameful events of last night.

he was pure and uncorrupted. Even though he was homeless, he still maintained the innocence

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into becoming an escort? She’s so shameless! I’ll go find her!” Lillian Quinn came to visit her best friend today, only to see the lingering redness and swelling on Rosalie’s check. Only after questioning the latter did she learn about that incident.

was the one who was too careless. I thought, at most, she’d just try to make some money out of me. Never have

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and told him to treat me as his older sister.” explained Rosalie.

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ever thought about the danger? You studied law yourself, so you should all the more be familiar with cases about male and female tenants who co-rent. Your current situation

Lillian, having someone to live with makes me feel less lonely. Besides, Jon

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even more if you moved out of your family home, Rosalie quickly

car accident, yet all evidence pointed to her being a drunk driver. No one

going so far as to give up studying abroad. This, in turn,

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