Chapter 8

He didn’t return until after 9 p.m. Rosalie had been waiting and she was growing anxious, fearing something might have happened. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a phone. Thus, she was unable to contact him.

Rosalie left her rental home and walked toward the main entrance of the residential area. She constantly looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the figure she longed to see.

After a period of waiting, she finally saw a familiar figure walking toward her.

“Jon!” She breathed a sigh of relief as the figure approached.

Jonathan saw her approaching figure and was slightly taken aback.

He watched her rush to him, gasping for breath. Her face was flushed red due to the cold weather, but her eyes were bright.

“Thank goodness you’re finally back,” Rosalie uttered.

“Rosie, were you waiting for me?” Jonathan asked as he lightly brushed his fingers against her cold cheek. Feeling the coldness of her cheek from the tips of his fingers, he realized she must have been waiting for quite some time.

“Yes, it’s so late and you weren’t back yet. I was so worried. Thankfully, you’re back safe and sound,” she said with a smile.

His gaze shifted slightly. She was worried about Jon, but not Jonathan of the Youngblood Group. He wondered if she would still worry about him if she knew he was Jonathan Youngblood.

With a smile, he said. “I was distributing the flyers and it took some time. Your hands must be cold, right? Let me warm them up for you.” As he said that, he gently held her icy hands and rubbed them between his palms, just as she did last time.

Gradually, Rosalie felt her hands warming up. Despite the cold day, it felt very warm.

Jon, I’m glad to have you,” she murmured.

He smirked and teased, “You must remember saying this. I hope you won’t regret it in the future.”

it. Well, my hands are warm now. Let’s go back inside. I’ll reheat the food. She led him into the residential area, oblivious to the black car parked around the corner of the street

couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. Jonathan was warming a woman’s hand. Carlos thought, “Well, that action could be called

never seen Jonathan treating any woman in such a manner, not even toward Melanie, who was once his fiancée. Even she had never been treated like this.

doing this for Rosalie. She was the perpetrator of

Rosalie, who was drunk, Carlos couldn’t make sense of

thinking? And how much space did Rosalie occupy in his heart?

schedule and work matters to Jonathan in the CEO’s Office, Carlos couldn’t help but glance at Jonathan’s

elegant, with long fingers and distinct joints. Even Carlos, being a man himself, found that

choking someone’s neck, almost taking his life. Jonathan allowed blood to drench them without hesitation. It sent

never seen those hands warming another pair of hands. Especially not when the owner of those

1548 Wed, Sept

Chapter 8

there something wrong with my hands?” Jonathan’s voice suddenly

averted his gaze. He handed a card to Jonathan, saying. “This is an invitation from the Hamilton family. They’re forming a marriage of

Jonathan glanced at

died, was his fiancée. Moreover, Zachary and Rosalie who caused the accident. were once in a relationship. The

noted it

Carlos accompanied Jonathan to a private hospital in the city. Access to this hospital was typically limited to only the wealthy and

hospital room, Carlos watched as Jonathan opened the door and walked in with measured steps.

that the old man in the ward used to be a dominant figure in the city, controlling every

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he should call grandfather. He wore a hospital gown with a drip hanging from the back of his hand. His frail body had weakened over


here.” Leonard uttered, looking at his only

I’m here,”

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