Chapter 9

After leaving the hospital, Carlos asked, “Mr. Youngblood, do you want to go back to the manor or…

“Head back to the western district,” Jonathan said calmly.

Rosalie’s rental home was in the western district. Carlos didn’t know how long Jonathan planned to stay in that tiny rental home.

At a traffic light intersection on their way to the western district, Carlos suddenly said, “Mr. Youngblood, Ms. Rosalie Leighton is on the roadside.

Jonathan looked over and saw a figure sweeping the garbage by the roadside.

She was wearing fluorescent workwear, and her hair was tied in a simple ponytail. Due to the cold weather, every breath she exhaled came with white fog.

Just then, an electric scooter sped over, seemingly rushing to catch the green light. It passed by Rosalie and grazed her leg, causing her to tumble.

However, the driver of the electric scooter didn’t even bother stopping and proceeded to cross the road.

Both Jonathan and Carlos watched the scene unfold before them.

“Mr. Youngblood, should we find out who the driver is and hold him accountable? Carlos asked. He believed that Jonathan still cared about Rosalie. Since Jonathan had stood up for her previously when she was plied with drinks and slapped in the club, Carlos thought Jonathan would naturally do the same this time.

As Jonathan fixed his gaze on Rosalie, who was on the ground, Leonard’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind again. “Remember what you said today. Never become like him…”

“I will never care about a woman like Dad. It’s just a game. Besides, I’m not Jon. Why would I care about a sanitary worker named Rosalie?” he thought.

Jonathan looked away and spoke indifferently. “It’s none of our business.”

Carlos was stunned. He wondered, “Was I wrong to think that Mr. Youngblood cares about Rosalie?”

light ahead turned green,

Blackwell, ran over and helped Rosalie up. “Rosalie, are you all

examined her injury. Her skin didn’t tear nor bleed, but the area around her ankle that had been grazed by the electric scooter was swollen. “It’s okay. I’ll put on some

massage it. That will help to ease the swelling,” said Yulissa.

to her rental home. As soon as she

the man stood up and said.

she wanted was just someone who

“You must be hungry. I bought two sets of

only small table in the room and place the boxed meals on it. Then, she turned around to the

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Chapter 9

wrong with your leg” he

her expression shifted every time

his thin lips slightly. “Why don’t you apply it now?” he said as he reached out and pulled

obvious even

the bruised lump around her ankle came

were broken. Yet for some reason, his chest felt stuffy and uncomfortable as he looked at

serious. I’ll be fine after applying the pain relief gel Rosalie awkwardly tried to pull back her foot from Jonathan’s hold, but his fingers firmly held onto her ankle, rendering her unable


relief gel?’ he asked all

in the medicine box on the bedside table.”

up and carried her to the bed. After placing her down, he took the pain relief gel out of the medicine

his leg and

fine. As she had mentioned, it was merely an external injury. Jonathan then squeezed some pain relief gel onto his palm

gritted her teeth without

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