Chapter 10

“As long as you steer clear of illicit activities, why would I ever be disappointed?” Putting on her socks and shoes, Rosalie headed toward the small table.

The corners of Jonathan’s lips curled up as he gazed at her figure, his eyes glittering subtly. He murmured, “Do hold onto those expectations, Rosie.”

Ever since that night at the club, Loretta had been on edge. After all, Jason’s behavior that night was rather unusual. Moreover, he no longer appeared on set since the very next day. Two days later, even the director was switched out.

The film crew’s explanation regarding the changes was ambiguous, but Loretta somehow sensed that the director’s replacement had something to do with Jason and maybe even Rosalie.

A few days later, she was shocked to hear that Jason was severely injured and hospitalized and that his right hand was suspected to be disabled permanently. If she remembered correctly, that very hand was the one he had used to slap Rosalic.

Panic surged within Loretta. She pondered, “What in the world is going on? The way Mr. Holt’s attitude toward Rosalie changed after that phone call and this dire situation he’s in now… Could all this be a mere coincidence? Or does Rosalie really have a powerful backer supporting her? But if she does, why would she be cleaning the roads so pathetically?”

Loretta couldn’t help but share the incidents that unfolded at the club that day with her parents/When Gordon learned that Loretta had asked Rosalie to be an escort, he shot her a glare. “How could you let your sister do such a thing? Our family is


“She just asked Rosalie to accompany them for a drink. Besides, Loretta did that for the family. Our family can only look forward to better days when Loretta succeeds. Are you seriously planning to rely on Rosalie, an ex-convict?” Caitlin. interrupted.

Gordon’s demeanor turned gloomy at that, but he didn’t say anything more.

“Dad, did Rosie really find a backer? Otherwise, how could Mr. Holt let her off the hook? He’s even hospitalized now!”

Loretta exclaimed.

course, Gordon was clueless

“You’re her father, so you should ask her and make sure. If she really has a backer, she should at least. inform the family. My concern is she might have been lured into some shady business, and

more convinced of her own speculations. She thought, “How could Rosalie possibly find a backer, considering the state that

“She better not! If she brings any disgrace upon this family again. I

waiting for Jon to come back for dinner in her rental home after cooking, the doorbell rang. The

rental home, Gordon did not hesitate to confront her. “Did you acquaint yourself with some shady people in the prison? Listen, if you

did I do to deserve this?” Rosalie looked at

could you be so cruel? Did you not learn anything from

“Well, what goes around comes around. And if you think there is nothing wrong with being amescort, then have your favorite Loretta do it rather than letting her

Chapter 10


been chosen for that female lead role?” Rosalie retorted. “So, drop the

never blamed you for anything. You don’t have to talk to Dad like that,” Loretta interjected,

sister. Your father only hopes to steer you away from trouble. Another prison term would tarnish our family’s

Anyway, Rosalie, go to Mr. Holt right away and ask for forgiveness no matter what it takes. Don’t drag Loretta down because of this matter. Do you hear me? If you dare to ruin her future again,

really think he can control my every move? Or

now. You’re

“How dare you disobey me!” He raised his hand, aiming a slap

to step back, but the moment she moved her foot, a burst of pain came from

injury from the electric scooter accident was not fully recovered

braced for the slap. Right at that moment, another hand intervened,

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