Chapter 19

Rosalie glanced at the back of her right hand, which was where Mandy had stepped on earlier today.

“I accidentally bumped my hand while sweeping the floor today. It’s nothing,” she explained lightly, not wanting him to


“Is that true?” Jonathan fixed his gaze on Rosalie. “Rosie, if anyone ever mistreats you, just let me know, and I’ll have your back.” He silently vowed to make those who dared to bully Rosalie face the consequences, so that no one would ever dare bully her again in the future.

In an instant, her heart raced as if he knew everything.

“I can protect myself,” Rosalie replied.

“But what if you can’t?” Jonathan asked again.

If it were truly like that, telling him wouldn’t make a difference. However, Rosalie didn’t voice her concern; she didn’t want to hurt his pride.

“Rosie, don’t you want me to protect you?” His voice rang out again, and his deep, dark eyes fixated on her.

She lightly bit her rosy lips and thought for a moment. Then, Jon, when the day comes that you have made a name for yourself and become stronger, you can protect me. For now, I’ll protect you, and work hard to ensure no one bullies us.”

A glint flashed through Jonathan’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything more and merely replied, “Okay.”

After dinner, Rosalie changed out of the slightly torn clothes, holding a needle and thread as she mended her clothes under the lamplight.

Jonathan sat at the side and glanced at the woman illuminated by the soft glow. Her head was lowered, and her shoulder- length hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her hair appeared slightly dry and discolored, perhaps due to poor nutrition, and her skin was not fair and bore the signs of three years of incarceration and exposure to the weather. Despite her inherently delicate features, the hardships of life had left a touch of weathered resilience on her.

Nevertheless, as she was stitching her clothes, there was a quiet and understated elegance emanating from her that was strangely captivating. It was endlessly delightful to the eye..

sew their own clothes. Many women around him would

to be drawn to such a simple and unassuming aspect of a woman.

seam and lifted her head, her gaze meeting Jonathan’s.

to her cheeks. “What’s wrong? Why are

just think you look really

the difference was between her current self and her past self. She doubted

this did brighten her mood. After all, which woman wouldn’t

if you like it?” She took out her phone, opened a shopping website, and clicked on a

plaid sweater priced at 40 dollars with quite high sales figures. The monthly


wed, 6 Sept

Chapter 19

had sold tens

replacement. It would be good to get another one. I’ve read some good reviews about this one,


I like; it’s about what you like. If you don’t like this

need, this one is fine. I

go ahead and buy it for you.” Rosalie then proceeded

her and asked abruptly. “Rosie, why are you so generous to me?” She bought clothes and mobile phones for him without hesitation while trying to cut corners on her

little brother. Of course, I have to be good to you,

brother” sounded somewhat grating to him. He wondered if Rosalie had forgotten

was also a man.

was beaten into the

of the Straus family’s business dealings related to Youngblood Group were also adversely affected, resulting in significant losses for the Straus

well. It seemed that either they had lost their jobs or their families were facing severe consequences. In a nutshell, each of them was engulfed in a cloud

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