Chapter 20

At that moment, Jennie absolutely hated Mandy. One of Jennie’s close colleagues in the HR Department secretly informed her that it was related to her abuse of power and exploitation of personnel of the Environment and Sanitation Administration.

Jennie thought about it, and the only incident that fit in the accusation was getting Rosalie to send documents. However, Mandy was the mastermind of that scheme.

“I never forced you. You were willing to do it because you also wanted Rosalie to make a fool of herself. I only offered an idea, while you were the one who executed it. It has nothing to do with me, Mandy said, immediately severing ties with Jennie.

The two of them began to get into a dispute.

After Jennie fell out with Mandy, her family scolded her fiercely. Still, they tried to look for someone to help her by spending money and using their connections, but they couldn’t even find anyone to send their money and gifts to.

Even when it was eventually sent out, the other party would return the money and gifts to them within two days.

Finally, an old acquaintance of their family for many years secretly said to them, “Who exactly did your daughter offend? That person seems to be a big shot. I heard from the director of the Municipal Management Bureau that it will be difficult for your daughter to get any job in the future, let alone a stable job.”

Upon hearing that, Jennie’s parents were dumbstruck on the spot. Once they returned home, they immediately questioned Jennie about who she had offended.

Jennie was dazed. “What big shot could I possibly offend? I don’t even get to meet any big shots in my work or life!” she pondered.

Suddenly, things that happened at the class reunion flashed across her mind.

On that day, Jonathan was the last one who helped Rosalie out. “Could it be that… Jonathan is the big shot behind Rosalie?” Jennie wondered.

However, Jennie dismissed the idea as soon as it arose. Rosalie had killed Jonathan’s fiancée, Melanie, back then. Regardless of what happened, it was not possible for Jonathan to be Rosalie’s backer.

Then, it could only be that… Rosalie had a stroke of luck on that day and was saved by Jonathan accidentally, Jennie thought.

“Perhaps… the big shot behind Rosalie is someone else? But Rosalie is just a sanitary worker, How could it be? Jennie went on pondering.

for a while, she reckoned the only one she had

day, Jennie hurriedly went to

welled up with tears as she said, “Rosalie, I’m sorry for that day. It was all Mandy’s idea to ask you to attend the class reunion, and then I took the opportunity to ask you to send documents there. I’ve been regretting it these days. It was all my

coldly watched Jennie putting on her act, not believing a

forgive me?” Jennie asked.

indifferently, “Why should I

was taken aback. “I… I’ve already apologized. Won’t

job by asking me to send documents, and there was nothing


Chapter 20


can’t say that I set her up, can I?” she thought.

“But I… I caused you to be embarrassed in front of everyone,

has nothing to do with you, has it?” Rosalie said.

has something to do with me!” Jennie shouted in her mind. For the first time in her life, she

work, Rosalie said. She walked past Jennie without regard for the miserable look of the latter. Then, she walked straight to the opposite side of the

her today, she was not

in front of her. She looked up and saw

slightly. As if he had plucked up great courage, he said, “Rosalie, I heard from Yulissa that you don’t want to start a relationship now, but… but I’m sincere and willing to wait for you. You… Whenever

come to

find what he said a little inappropriate and thus changed his words hurriedly. “It’s not that you come to me. I mean, I can queue up to

Lucas blankly. That was somewhat surprising for her. “You should go find someone more suitable for you. I’m just a street sweeper who earns little with

you.” After Lucas said that, his face seemed to be redder than before. “I heard from Yulissa

Rosalie was about to reject Lucas again, she somehow hesitated, looking at his blushed face and nervous. expression.

like this would usually be a good husband and father, but he would probably stay away from her if he found out that

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