Chapter 22

Hearing that, she thought he was just kidding. In her view, those advertisements were deliberately made by the Xanthos family and the Hamilton family for a marriage of convenience so no one would dare to take it down. It was dark in front of her eyes. His hand pressed against her skin, and she could feel a trace of warmth from it.

After a while, she took his hand down and looked up at him. “Thank you, Jon.” She thought he said those words to comfort her. “Well, let’s go home for dinner.” As she said that, she took his hand and walked back home.

He glanced at the huge projection advertising again before walking away with her.

When they arrived at her rental home, Rosalie went to the security post in the residential area and picked up the parcel there. It was a sweater she bought online.

After opening the parcel, she took out the sweater and touched its material. “Not bad. According to the price, it’s still value for money, she thought.

Then she said, “Jon, come and try this. Let’s see whether the sweater fits you well.”

The sweater was blue-green and had a plaid pattern. When Jonathan put it on, Rosalie’s eyes lit up. She exclaimed inwardly, “Well, he looks really good in this.”

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something and said, “Jon, bend down.”

Jonathan bent down as he heard that. Rosalie held a comb and combed his bangs backward. Instantly, a face with a distinct figure appeared.

Rosalie had always known he was good-looking, but his bangs covered most of his eyes when the two were together. So at that moment, when his eyes were fully revealed before her, she was amazed again.

“My Jon is so handsome,” Rosalie could not help exclaiming. “If you comb your bangs backward, I guess a group of girls will chase after you and grab the flyers in your hands when you distribute them on the road.

He smiled slightly. Her words ‘my Jon’ seemed to please him.

“Why don’t we go to the barber shop and get you a haircut later! It’s a pity that your hair covers your beautiful eyes,” she


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sweater tomorrow. I’ll wash the sweater after you change

“Okay,” he responded.

phone camera, took a picture of Jonathan wearing the

were only a few people on her Instagram. She only had two

envy me for having a younger brother,” said Rosalie. Only at such a moment would she behave like a young

expected, Lillian liked the post shortly and sent her a message: [This sweater looks good.

It’s good in quality and

my dad, too. By the way, your brother has a perfect figure. Actually, he can try to be a model for online stores. The standard is not high, but the income is

thought it was good, so she asked Jonathan, “What do you think

Chapter 22

“So-so,” he said.

current job as a flyer distributor, this job is much

you think I’m earning too little money?”


can have a better life. From her perspective, her life would be as it was, but she hoped he could live a

better life. By that time, I can also give you the kind of life you want, Rosie.”

at that moment, he wanted to give her a new life in the future

hurt his self-esteem, so she said, “Okay, okay. I will wait until you make a lot of money to support me in the future, Jon. And then, I

her and let her be a parasite for

heard some colleagues talking. ‘Did you see the sweater Mr.

“No, what’s wrong?”

seems to be from Amazon’s Lightning Deal”

Youngblood wear

inspired knock-offs and best-selling products by others? But Mr. Youngblood gives off a different vibe with that sweater on. It looks so good

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