Chapter 23


“There should be 99 of them.” Carlos recalled having seen news coverage about it. Zachary had mentioned in an interview that there were a total of 99 holographic projections, symbolizing 99 lifetimes of love.

The statement was once considered a classic by many of Yvette’s fans. Being a popular actress in the entertainment industry, Yvette naturally commanded a sizable fan following

“Take down every single one of them,” Jonathan decreed.

“All?” Carlos was surprised.

“All, Jonathan affirmed firmly.

“Okay, I’ll attend to it.” Jonathan’s sudden request to take down all the Xanthos family’s projection advertising caught Carlos off guard. He thought, “Could it be that the Xanthos family and Hamilton families had offended Mr. Youngblood? Or was Mr. Youngblood no longer in favor of the marriage of convenience between the two families? But hadn’t Mr. Youngblood accepted the engagement party invitations from both the Xanthos and Hamilton families before?”

Carlos found himself engulfed in a haze of perplexity. Suddenly, he jolted. A thought struck him like a bolt of lightning.

“Could it be that Mr. Youngblood wanted to take down the projection advertising because of… Rosalie’s involvement?” Carlos was startled by his own notion.

“Would Mr. Youngblood really do this for a woman? Would he hold grudges against the Xanthos family and the Hamilton. family because of a woman? Even in the case of the late Melanie, the woman who was to be Mr. Youngblood’s wife, he never jeopardized his standing in the business world by antagonizing rivals on her behalf. What does Rosalie really mean to Mr. Youngblood? Carlos wrestled with bewilderment.

As she stood in the hotel corridor, Loretta gazed at the man dressed impeccably in a suit before her. He possessed a handsome appearance with a touch of scholarly aura. “Zachary, my brother-in-law… Ah, wair. I suppose I can’t address you as brother-in-law any more. You and my sister are a thing of the past.”

Xanthos Group was planning for an ambitious large-scale film production. Once Loretta got wind of that development, she diligently ascertained that Zachary was scheduled to dine at the hotel and promptly seized the opportunity to meet him.

Since Rosalie wouldn’t come to plead with Zachary, then it was up to her!

When he heard the word “sister” from her lips, Zachary experienced a momentary pause. Recollections of the recent episode at the club, wherein he had encountered Rosalie, resurfaced in his thoughts.

was someone he had once loved, she had also come perilously close to causing the downfall of the


the attire of a sanitary worker, looking disheveled. He would never have anticipated that the once proud and outstanding new lawyer would eventually be relegated to the status of a menial sanitary worker following her release from prison.

his eyes again. It was the one where she had her

that she

words. Nonetheless, eyewitnesses and evidence were firmly in place. How could she possibly be falsely accused?

any wrongdoing, even till the very end.

Chapter 23

that you’re aware,” Zachary said coldly.

my income to support the family. But I lack influential connections, and Rosie has been to jail. It’s difficult for me to fight for better

even direr, hoping to evoke sympathy

into her words. “After all, Rosie once had her moments of glory, I do not want to see her suffer unduly. I hope to earn more money and provide her with a better life. I

refined brown coat stepped forward. As soon as she saw Loretta, she

woman before her as Yvette, the rightful fiancée of Zachary.

You came to see Zachary today and keep calling him brother-in-law. Are you hoping Zachary might hand you another

the scolding. Unfortunately, other people were passing by the corridor, watching the scene unfold as if

it not for her involvement in a fatal accident while driving, I might already have become a popular

forgot that Rosalie’s connections had also facilitated her initial opportunities and respectable rules.

Aren’t you leaving?”

look at Zachary pitifully. “If I were to depart now, wouldn’t my endeavor to meet him today be in vain?”

back. Rosalie and I no longer have anything to do with each other,” Zachary

say something more in

it at Loretta. “If you don’t leave now, I’ll have the security throw

bit her lips and reluctantly left, planning to

calling you brother-in-law. Aren’t you afraid that Jonathan might catch wind

words sounded like a

eyes darkened. How could he forget it? The name “Jonathan” was like an impending sword hanging over the Xanthos family’s head. Over the past three years,

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