Chapter 25

Rosalie had not anticipated encountering Yvette again so soon.

Yvette’s appearance hadn’t changed since the first time Rosalie had laid eyes on her. She remained stunning, her makeup meticulous, and her attire high fashion. A celebrity within the entertainment circle, she was veritably a socialite of the city.

Even in those times when she ordered the extraction of Rosalie’s fingernails during her imprisonment, Yvette maintained her delicate and elegant appearance. She sported designer clothes that seemed out of place within the grim confines of the prison.

She looked so bright and dazzling.

However, it was this socialite, this embodiment of nobility in the eyes of others, who commanded the removal of Rosalie’s own nails and carried out such cruel torments with a venomous voice.

She became an enduring nightmare haunting Rosalie.

Beside Yvette stood Meredith, who spotted Rosalie and promptly sneered, ‘Well, well, well, look who we have here. Isn’t she the lovely culprit who brought harm to your sister, Yvette? How poetic that she’s toiling as a sanitary worker now.”

Rosalie’s face turned pale, and she remained silent. She lowered her head and continued to clean up the garbage on the floor.

“You truly have no shame. If I were responsible for causing someone’s sister’s demise in a car accident, I’d likely be in tears. fervently seeking forgiveness on my knees upon encountering them. Yet here you are, as composed as can be,” Meredith continued her derisive commentary.

Summoning a deep breath, Rosalie lifted her head slowly. Tve already paid the price,” she declared, her gaze steady as she addressed both of them.

-For an unfounded accusation, she had endured three years of imprisonment, the revocation of her lawyer’s license, untold

hardships within the confines of a cell, and upon release, she could only secure a job as a sanitary worker.

had been irrevocably altered. The

Do you think serving three years in jail is a price? My sister lost her life, Rosalie,” Yvette retorted in a frigid

responded calmly. She had already faced the worst that life had to offer and lost

fixed on Rosalie, who donned the bright orange workwear of a sanitary worker.

luster from her once-vibrant black hair. Although her facial delicacy remained. her eyes bore a vacant expression. The

had been amazed by the smooth fairness of Rosalie’s hands. Even her nails had been meticulously cared for, and those hands appeared particularly enchanting when

now gripped a rough, soiled broom instead of an exquisite

was too lenient with you last

tone conveyed an objectifying


anymore. Don’t let your

Chapter 25

next time,” Yvette remarked, her ire ignited by the recollection of how all the projection advertising for Zachary’s proposal to her had

rattled upon discovering that Jonathan was the one who took down the advertisements. They were not sure whether Jonathan was still mad at them because of Melanie’s demise.

engagement between their families as

might want to convey those sentiments to my sister instead. There’s no need to direct them at me. I

would’ve never been taken down. You killed Jonathan’s fiancée, and he’s targeted the Xanthos family for it. Yet here you stand, sweeping the

was stunned. She didn’t expect Jonathan to be the one

managed to escape from William

dominion over the expansive Youngblood Group, an entity that

a substantial history with Jonathan.

breakup. Moreover, in Strico, no attorney dared to represent Rosalie in her case, an outcome similarly

dismissed her plight despite her suffering within

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