Chapter 26

“Huh? Go back to the car?” The group leader was stunned for a moment. He did not expect the ring, which was worth tens of thousands of dollars, to be lost. On top of that, it seemed as if they did not plan to monitor the person looking for it.

“Yvette is a celebrity. If she stands here and watches you looking for the ring, she will probably be surrounded by her fans in a short time,” said Meredith.



leader thought it made sense.

Yvette’s car was parked not far away. Even if she sat in the car, she could easily see Rosalie rummaging through the garbage can in a mess.

Meredith smiled maliciously, “Rosalie deserves it. She was so arrogant just now and she’s now in the garbage pile.”

“Let’s go back after a while, Yvette said indifferently. Rosalie’s current look made Yvette feel less threatened.

Although Zachary once loved Rosalie, she was abandoned by him in the end eventually.

Yvette thought back to when Rosalie was in prison. Rosalie had insisted that she was wronged and innocent even though her fingertips were bleeding. She insisted even when the bones of her fingers were all broken!

This made Yvette feel that Rosalie was bothersome.

“Why did that woman persist after suffering such pain? Did she believe that she could still be considered innocent if she insisted that she was not guilty? The law is backed by evidence!” Yvette thought.

“By the way, let’s at least keep a memento, Meredith said as she picked up her phone to take a picture of Rosalie rummaging through the garbage can.

Rosalie had no idea when the farce would end, but she knew that it was impossible for her to get off work normally today. And she also involved Yulissa to accompany her to find the imaginary “ring”

Rosalie took off the plastic gloves, took out her phone, and made a call. “Jon, it’s me. I have some work to do in the office today, so I’m afraid I’ll be back late. You can prepare some food for dinner yourself. Don’t wait for me.”

An elegant male voice sounded on

at work. You don’t have to wait for me anyway.” As she spoke, the group leader glared at her, so she ended the call hurriedly. Then, she put on the gloves again

check what happened

a response and

Jonathan’s eyes. When he was on the phone just now, he felt that

of dollars, so she called Parker, the chief officer of the Environment

Rosalie with an honorable

narrowed his eyes suddenly. “Rummage through the

cold voice

Chapter 26

garbage?” After he pondered for a moment, he said, “Since Yvette likes

with Jonathan for many years, so he was aware

years, there were only a few things that could make Jonathan angry, but at this moment, he became angry because

secretly sighed in his heart as he thought, “It seems that Rosalie’s position in Mr. Youngblood’s heart is far more important than I thought.”

the car, seemed to be satisfied and had enough of looking at Rosalie’s miserable state as she

to have her looking for the ring?”

go to bed at night. Then I’ll call their chief officer again

on her,” said Meredith. She continued, ‘I think Zachary will feel like vomiting when he sees her now. Rosalie is not a good match for someone like Zachary,

cars drove over suddenly. The next moment, the Maserati

car and knocked

let down the car window. She heard the police say. “We received a report that a ring worth more than 20,000 dollars was lost here. Now we

case?” Yvette and Meredith were stunned.

the police!” Meredith yelled.

of more than 20,000 dollars, it is considered. a major case. We hope that both of you can cooperate. We hope to help

Yvette did not lose her ring at all! They exchanged helpless glances. Yvette gritted her teeth and said. “I’m not bothered to look for the ring anymore. It doesn’t matter if

the standard of criminal cases. It needs to be filed

to the place where they talked to Rosalie previously. But

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