Chapter 28

What kind of pain did she have to experience for her to talk about such things so nonchalantly?

“I won’t let anyone hurt you in the future,” he said as if he was swearing-

She ruffled the hair on his head and said, “Stop talking like that. Hurry up and eat your food.” As she spoke, she lowered her head and continued eating her food.

There was a glimmer in his eyes, seemingly in deep thoughts.

Things got blown out of proportion, but Yvette didn’t expect her company to fail at suppressing the trending topic.

Now, news about her losing her ring and needing sanitary workers to help her find it was spread all over the internet.

The photos that were posted were especially damning. She was dressed brightly and stood next to the garbage pile while a few sanitary workers were bending over, helping her find her ring in the pile.

The stark contrast in the image garnered the dissatisfaction of many people. They accused her of lacking morals.

Someone even commented, “She lost her ring, but she made the sanitary workers look for it instead. Those sanitary workers. must be tired after cleaning the road for the whole day. Why couldn’t she look for it in the garbage piles herself? Does being a celebrity make her superior to others? What right does she have to use the city’s resources like that? It’s not like she’s paying the sanitary workers! Why must all of them help her find a ring?”

Even though Yvette’s fans tried to defend their idol, they couldn’t suppress the negative comments. It was made worse because there were quite a lot of people at the scene at that time. Many of them recorded videos and posted them online.

“Why can’t I get rid of the trending topic? Seeing more and more negative comments on the Internet, Yvette couldn’t sit still anymore.

It can’t be helped. Those verified accounts won’t remove the relevant content. The manager paused and said hesitantly. Yvette, did you offend someone?”

They were in Strico, and she was backed by the Hamilton family. Furthermore, she was now the daughter-in-law of

body stiffened. Could

influence in Strico to cause those verified accounts and the media to refuse to withdraw their

Youngblood Group had not been hostile to the Xanthos family. It had been running business deals with the Hamilton family as usual. In fact, Jonathan had even accepted the engagement party invitation between the Hamilton and Xanthos families

not so sure anymore as she recalled the incident with the

of surveillance camera records, it


reputation on the internet was completely ruined. Those fans who had defended her were unable to help her recover from this

done anything else since the police had

going to unfollow Yvette and even wanted

Chapter 28

was unbelievable and was suspecting that something

actually issued an investigation report, and she only learned about it at the same time as other netizens.

could something like

hail worked so hard to build up over the

called the Hamilton family and the Xanthos family to inform them that Jonathan would not be attending the engagement party of the two families.

reminded people of the current scandal

out so fast. Moreover, the Hamilton family and the Xanthos

ring for her that day, but it turns out that she didn’t lose it at all!” Everyone in the Ministry of the Environment and Sanitation

people are rebuking

her claim to have lost her ring and made us look for it?’


just had nothing

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