Chapter 29

“Dad, you must be missing Melanie too! It’s ridiculous that Rosalie felt no guilt at all toward Melanie’s death when I saw her that day. Yvette said.

“That’s enough. Don’t mention that woman anymore, Howard replied.

As they spoke, footsteps could be heard from the stairs. They looked up and saw Jonathan walking down the stairs.

“You wanted to see me? Is something the matter?” Jonathan asked indifferently as he swept his gaze over the two.

Seeing Jonathan’s cold eyes. Yvette felt her body stiffen. This was the man that Melanie fell in love with back then.

Yvette remembered that Melanie once told her dreamily. “Yvette, I thought I would never get a man like Jonathan in my life. He is too cold and rational. Even if you hug him, it would feel like he is without any warmth. He is like exquisite porcelain, where you can see the surface but never the insides.”

Yvette also felt the same way. Every time she saw Jonathan, she felt that he was beyond comprehension.

Therefore, even if Jonathan’s good looks were beyond compare, and he had the Youngblood Group behind him, Yvette had never considered going after him.

This man was so scary and cold.

Even though Melanie loved Jonathan so much that she finally convinced Jonathan to agree to get married, Yvette felt that Jonathan had never truly loved Melanie.

At Melanie’s funeral, Jonathan did not shed a single tear nor show any signs of sadness from beginning to end.

Jonathan, Yvette was ignorant and caused some trouble. I’ve already lectured her about it. We hope that you can attend Yvette and Zachary’s engagement party. Yvette is Melanie’s only sister and I think Melanie would also wish that you could attend Yvette’s engagement party,” Howard said earnestly.

Jonathan looked at Howard with a fake smile, which made Howard feel that his throat seemed to have dried up and he could not speak anymore.

Howard had been in the business field for many years, but right now, he seemed to have been suppressed in front of someone who almost became his son-in-law. It was as though Jonathan had seen through Howard’s thoughts and plans.

if she did lose a stupid ring, what about it? Why did she trouble so many people to find it

Howard smiled awkwardly.

she went, there were people who looked up to her. She had never

was satirizing her at this moment.

party.” Jonathan slowly stood up, adding, “Since your daughter likes looking for things so much, why doesn’t she help me find something?”

duo both thought,

at Jonathan, feeling

to one side of the living room and opened the glass sliding door. There was an artificial pond outside. Jonathan threw a ring into the pond and

Chapter 29

father and daughter duo

tiny little ring like that in the pond?

them. Make sure Ms. Hamilton finds it personally. They can leave when the ring is found. If they

at the two, who were still dumbfounded. “Then they will be banned from setting foot into this house ever again.”

and daughter

that if they left without finding the ring, it would mean a complete falling out with the



the pond before them was not very deep or large, it was still about 1,000 square feet in size. The bottom of the pool was covered with sludge. It

was about to cry. “Dad, what should I do? Do you really want me to get in there and look for the ring? It’s

family if we really had a falling out with the Youngblood family!

Even if Yvette was his daughter, he could no

naturally knew that the Hamilton family relied on the Youngblood Group for several big deals. If Jonathan really became their enemy, it would be a

choice but to walk into the pool and look for

Rosalic. Whatever embarrassment Yvette made Rosalie

to the rental home, he saw that Rosalie was washing clothes.

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