Chapter 30

Rosalie gently used the comb to comb Jonathan’s bangs and then trimmed them bit by bit against his forehead with the scissors. She looked very focused, and all her attention was concentrated on his bangs. She did not even notice the pair of beautiful deep eyes beneath the bangs staring at her.

Jonathan stared at the woman before him. Rosalie’s face was slightly red due to the cold weather. With her pair of beautiful eyes, tiny nose, pink lips, and exquisite facial features, people would find it harder to take their eyes off her. Under the light, it was as if her body was emitting a warm aura.

“It’s done. After a long time, Rosalie’s voice suddenly sounded in Jonathan’s ears.

“Done?” Jonathan repeated. He felt that the time spent with her had passed very quickly.

“Yeah. Rosalie smiled and took two steps back, carefully examining the man for a while. “My skills are not bad. Your haircut looks quite good. I’ve saved you 2 dollars from going to the barbershop.”

She smiled and then took a dry towel, helping Jonathan dust off some tiny strands of hair that had clung to his face, neck, and clothes.

“It’s done. You can take a shower,” said Rosalie.

Jonathan responded by walking into the small bathroom with his clothes. When the warm water flowed over his body, he lowered his head and looked at a scar on his chest.

As time passed, the scar had become shallow. Yet, he would think of that woman every time he glanced at it.

He would think of the woman who had abandoned him and his father.

Perhaps, the scar was the only thing left by her.

At that time, he had knelt and begged her not to leave and abandon him and his father, but the woman pushed him away fiercely instead and left without looking back.

When Jonathan was pushed by his mother, an iron spike stabbed into his chest. After the incident, the doctor said that the spike tip was very close to Jonathan’s heart then. If it had been any closer, Jonathan might not have survived.

At that time, Jonathan told himself that the woman was no longer his mother.

After his father died, he even held no expectations for anyone. Without expectations, there would be no disappointments.

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He looked forward to seeing Rosalie’s smile, expecting to see her happy. He also expected her to look at him with gentle

your hair.” Rosalie got up and went to get the hairdryer.

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eyes flashed with a gleam of light. “Rosie, what were you reading just now?” he asked

case back then,” she answered.

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indeed?” Rosalie also asked herself the question silently. It had been three years, but the case still could not be turned around. Now, she also had no idea of the whereabouts of the


Chapter 30

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a haircut for some time. Would you like me to make an appointment with the hairstylist?” Carlos asked.

helped me to trim my hair last night,” replied Jonathan.

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