Chapter 779

“The stimulation slows down, making it difficult to recover memories,” Milton said. He had said those words when he first prescribed that kind of medication to the other party.

But that time, to Milton’s surprise, Jonathan gave a completely different answer. “Then you don’t need to prescribe medicine, Dr. Hale.”

“Mr. Youngblood?” Milton was shocked. “No medicine, eh? What does he want?” Milton thought and then asked, “Do you want your memory restored?”

“Yes. I’ve forgotten it long enough. It should be time to recover,” Jonathan replied playfully.

“But in that case, the pain might be too much for you. If it is an accident, perhaps…” Milton paused before continuing, “Humans have a certain physical endurance. Once they cross the line, it is difficult to predict what will happen.” Jonathan’s memory recovery was different from that of ordinary patients. Ordinary patients rarely experienced such pain. If something unexpected happened during the memory recovery process, the consequences could be unimaginable.

“So what?” Jonathan smiled, but his gaze was deep. “So let’s see how much pain it is to restore the memory. At the same time, let’s test my pain tolerance.”

Milton was shocked. “The man in front of me is managing Strico. If something happens to him, it’ll be a big loss for Strico. But now, he’s risking his life to regain his memory. He mentioned taking the medicine four years ago as a passing thought, saying he wasn’t bothered if it didn’t work. But things are different now. Is it because of Mrs. Youngblood who has come back to life and returned to the Youngblood family? Is it possible? Would he take the risk and recover his memory for a woman?” he pondered.

Milton could only bury those questions in his heart at that moment and didn’t dare to ask a question.

It took Rosalie a long time to let the two children decide who was older and who was younger.

elder brother, and Jen

it was the height that mattered. After comparing the heights

to give up. “Isn’t it good to be a younger sister? You’ll

silent. “Protect Jen? I prefer to be on my own. Besides, no one has ever told me to protect anyone. Besides, it sounds troublesome to protect her. If


was stupid, protecting an idiot would be very tiring!” he thought.

the elder one, he nodded. “I don’t want to

will protect Jen from now on.” Rosalie smiled and touched Guillermo’s head. “I

Jonathan’s, Guillermo blinked. “Am I going to be a

a good sister and protect my brother!” With those words, she seemed to have gracefully accepted

couldn’t help but tremble. He thought, “Will she protect me too? I’ve never promised to protect anyone, and no one has ever promised to protect me. Is this what it feels like to have a sister? It is completely different from the feeling with Wrenna being

Milton had left about 15 minutes ago and told Jonathan he was fine because his memory had been stimulated, which gave him a

He would eat later. He suggested


Jonathan come down even after she and her two children

Rosalie brought some food and planned to send it to Jonathan.

at the hem of her dress. Rosalie turned to meet

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