Chapter 780

Rosalie couldn’t help but whisper, “Jon, do you know how much I love you?” At that moment, she even had the urge to kiss him.

His long eyelashes moved slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes. Suddenly, Rosalie’s face was reflected in his deep, bright eyes.

Rosalie was stunned. At that moment, she only felt that her mind seemed to be captured by those eyes and immersed in the bright waves.

“Tell me how much you love me.” Rosalie heard a gorgeous voice.

“I…” Rosalie was stunned and then came back to her senses. She said inwardly, “How much I love you? I love you so much that I can put down all kinds of grievances for you. Although you knew my case back then, you just sit by and do nothing, watching me go to prison. However, I still want to be with you. That’s because I won’t love another man like you in this world, nor will there be one who loves me as much as you do. Mr. Gibson told me I didn’t want you to die trying to save me when I fell into the sea. Hence, I took the initiative to release the handbrake, and the car retreated before falling into the sea. Yet, you don’t even know that because you have forgotten everything.”

“Why can’t you say it?” Jonathan sneered. “Yes. If you really loved me back then, you wouldn’t have left me, would you?”

In Jonathan’s mind, Rosalie took the initiative to leave. When Rosalie heard that, she felt something heavy in her heart, making her almost out of breath.

“If you really loved me, then you would have stayed even if I did something wrong, sitting by and doing nothing. I guess you didn’t love me much. In that case, don’t say anything like that in the future,” he added.

His voice continued to ring in her ears in a mocking tone.

Rosalie bit her lip unconsciously and recalled the words Gary had said to her before.


Youngblood, Mr. Youngblood’s headaches are related to his memory loss. In the past, as long as he remembered some sporadic things between you and him, he would have a severe headache. Dr. Hale once said everyone has a different physique and reacts differently to memory restoration. Please don’t tell Mr. Youngblood the truth about what happened when you fell into the sea first, and then find a way to reveal it

wanted to tell him everything that happened back then, including what she remembered. She also wanted to tell him about her falling into

of leaving

a reason.” Rosalie paused and added, “Five years ago, we both


to hear that. “Has she lost her memory as well?”

was a single mother with one child, working hard to make ends meet. You can investigate if I’m telling you the truth. I finally remembered you a week ago, but I couldn’t get through to you when I called you. So I took Jen back to Strico and came to see you!” Rosalie said as she stared

him so much that she didn’t want him to die for her. She

Fortunately, the children survived. Although one

that. He

mother so much that he ended up dying because

betray him. If he never trusted them, he would never have

the case, tell me why you left me back

it was true. She only learned the truth about her departure from Carlos and Gary that day.

eyes were filled with sarcasm as he replied, “Really? Then come back to me when you remember.”

at him, pondering, “He clearly loves me, even to the point of going almost insane after I fell into

in his eyes or the disbelief he

her heart. The next moment, she leaned in and pressed Jonathan’s body on


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