Most of the bodyguards chased after the thief, and one stayed behind to guard Corinne.

Joey started crying out of shock. Francine was panicking as well. “Corinne, are you okay?”

Corinne nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay. You should go comfort Grandma. She must’ve had a fright.”

“Okay, sure.” Francine immediately went over to Pamela with Joey in her arms.

Corinne watched as Francine and Joey left. A minute later, she raised her head and said to the bodyguard standing next to her, “Help me to the fountain. I want to sit for a while.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Please be careful. Baby steps now.” The bodyguard carefully helped Corinne to the fountain. “Is here okay for you, Ma’am?” he asked once they got to the fountain.

sit down, but then she suddenly pushed the bodyguard into the

already escaped quite a distance away by the time the bodyguard got out of the fountain. He immediately shouted, “Quick! Chase after her! Miss Corinne has

standing by the car quickly chased after

crowd. It was all very chaotic since the bodyguards could not tell which was Corinne. Thus, they had no choice but to split up and approach

The lead bodyguard saw someone dressed like Corinne enter a black minivan,

rolled down the

and said forcefully,

no Miss Corinne in my boss’ car!” shouted

car. Don’t blame me for doing something drastic if you

You’re gonna do something drastic when you’re the one who stopped me

window slowly rolled down to reveal Aaron’s smiling face. “Actually,

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